Performer THE THE

VoidyNumbness – The The

Can’t touch or be touched And he’s lonely He can’t love or be loved Can’t touch or be touched Yes […]

Kingdom Of Rain – The The

Your heart’s beating faster than mine And I know something’s going on in your life In your life.. in your […]

Giant – The The

For as far as my eyes can see I’m strapped into a rocking chair With a blanket all over my […]

BoilingPoint – The The

And push’n’shove So below As it is above From every mouth Words blare Off every surface Words glare Til there’s […]

Gravitate To Me – The The

You’re like a boat without a mast Struggling with the tide of destiny Between the future and the past I […]

Soul Mining – The The

In a little wooden box Your cold and your lonely and enveloped in fog You’ve been prized open and left […]

Bugle Boy – The The

But my heart is calmed by her embrace, I’m trying to tell something to the world, – But my words […]

PhantomWalls – The The

As the curtain softly stirs It is not just a memory But it lives and breathes Watching over you whilst […]

Lonely Planet – The The

Overseas, underground Wherever you look around Lord, take me by the hand lead me through these desert sands To the […]

Delirious – The The

& the sun hits the top of our heads, then the dormant desires, explode into life, & teh body demands […]

WeatherBelle – The The

On a cold and sunny afternoon Drinking red wine And counting the laugh lines On the face of the girl […]

Heartland – The The

& all the frightened people running home before dark, Past the Saturday morning cinema– that lies crumbling to the ground, […]

Infected – The The

but not enough to get myself organized. My heart is heavy–my head is confused, And my aching little soul–has started […]

Perfect – The The

And solitude is never easy to maintain, Except when it rains. So I hang an empty smile beneath my empty […]

This Is The Day – The The

’cause you didn’t go to bed. You were watching the whites of your eyes turn red! The calendar on your […]

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