The Turning Point – Toto

That runs between love and pride
And I tried to get sideways
Across the great divide
But my mind’s eye’s on the key ring
Crying in misery
‘Cause it won’t spend one more evening
Staring back at me.

It may be by choice or a small inner voice I can’t say
When you add up the cost we all have a cross
How do you write off the loss?

Where do I go from here?
How do I find my way?
When is it loud and clear
That there’s no turning back? No looking back
Where do I go from here?
Nobody gets away
It”s a new kind of fix
For the poor and the rich
You never know what’s coming next… at the turning point.

The rules are unwritten
And nobody knows the deal
Where have I been driven
Are deamons behind the wheel?
Yeah, I know my days are numbered
We’re only flesh and bone
And I’ve been left to wonder
How it went so wrong.

Is it all tailor made, can the sinner be saved, I can’t say
So don’t hang your hat on the knife im my back

Lyric The Turning Point – Toto