The Unknown – Attacker

Within my eyes
All knowing despair
Deep down inside
Dark deceiver
Betrayer of man
Blackest of hearts

Escape the unknown
Be led to your demise
Escape the unknown

Spiraling down
Out of control
Swirling confusion
I just can’t know
Being pulled
To the left and right
My faith is dying


Burning red
Within my eyes
Lights going out
I’m losing I know
Tore my heart
Won’t let go
This is my moment


You are a riddle
Yet you shrink from me
You are beggar
Yet you take from me
Crawling inward
Fear can dominate
Find the answer
Find the answer

You are a beggar
Yet you took from me
You are a crawler
Yet you walk from from me
Free of your will
Fear will dominate
Find the answer
Find the answer

… you won’t

Lyric The Unknown – Attacker