Little Ghost – The White Stripes

One I’m scared of the most Can you scare me up a little bit of love? I’m the only one that sees you, And I can’t do much to please you And it’s not yet time to meet the lord above The first moment that I met her I did not expect a specter When […]

The Hardest Button To Button – The White Stripes

We started living in an old house My ma gave birth and we were checking it out It was a baby boy So we bought him a toy It was a ray gun And it was 1981 We named him “Baby” He had a toothache He started crying It sounded like an earthquake It didn’t […]

Sugar Never Tasted So Good – The White Stripes

Sugar never tasted so good Sugar never tasted good to me Yeah Until her eyes crossed over Until her mind crossed over Until her soul fell next to me Now If the wrinkle that is in your brain Has given you quite a sting Your fingers have become a crane Pulling on these puppet strings […]

You’re Pretty Good Looking – The White Stripes

but your back is so broken and this feeling’s still gonna linger on until the year 2525 now yeah you’re pretty good looking for a girl your eyes are wide open and your thoughts have been stolen by the boys who took you out and bought you everything you want now yeah you’re pretty good […]

300 MPH Torrential Outpour Blues – The White Stripes

I’m bringing back ghosts that are no longer there I’m gettin’ hard on myself sittin’ in my easy chair Well, there’s three people in the mirror and I’m wonderin’ which one of them I should choose Well, I can’t keep from laughin’ spittin’ out these 300 mile per hour outpour blues I’m breakin’ my teeth […]

A Boy’s Best Friend – The White Stripes

their thoughts cast me out of here their home has run out of space my mind’s already out of here won’t you come along dear? won’t you come along? words that are spoke alone phrases you will never hear empty rooms and a telephone that i will never use, never fear I am all alone […]

Little Cream Soda – The White Stripes

Well every highway that I go down Seems to be longer than the last one i knew about Oh Well And every girl that I walk around Seems to be more of an illusion than the last one that I found Oh Well And this old man in front of me Holding canes and ruby […]

Sister, Do You Know My Name? – The White Stripes

and I don’t really know anyone I really want to be your friend cause I don’t really know anyone And the bus is pulling up to your house I wish you could be sitting here next to me i didn’t see you at summer school but I saw you at the corner store and I […]

Do – The White Stripes

but i didn’t know what to do and then somebody said hello to me but i didn’t know what to do because i think that my words could get twisted so i bend my back over take a gulp be funny cause i know there’s nothing i can do then my mother tried to pick […]

Catch Hell Blues – The White Stripes

(If you go looking for hot water Don’t act shocked when you get Burned a little bit) If you really want some hot water I can help you find it Oh Oh Ah yeah Well if they catch me around You’re playing rock the boat I’m gonna catch hell And if you’re throwing your voice […]

Blue Orchid – The White Stripes

You got a reaction didn’t you? You took a white orchid You took a white orchid turned it blue Something better than nothing Something better than nothing, it’s giving up You need to do something Try keep the truth from showing up How dare you How old are you now, anyway? How dare you How […]

Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground – The White Stripes

When I know you’re not around Shiny tops and soda pops When I hear your lips make a sound When I hear your lips make a sound Thirty notes in the mailbox Will tell ya that I’m coming home And I think I’m gonna stick around For a while so you’re not alone For a […]

Offend In Every Way – The White Stripes

as humble as I can I’ll wait another day before I turn away but know this much is true no matter what I do offend in every way I don’t know what to say I’m coming through the door but they’re expecting more of an interesting man sometimes I think I can but how much […]

Broken Bricks – The White Stripes

Snuck down through the cyclone fence Past the caution tape And the security gate Back way to the breakroom bench Well there’s a little corner where you first got kissed And felt your boyfriends fist and made the company list And there’s a little spot where your dad ate lunch And your brother landed his […]

We’re Going To Be Friends – The White Stripes

back to school, ring the bell brand new shoes, walking blues climb the fence, books and pens I can tell that we’re going to be friends Walk with me, Suzy Lee through the park and by the tree we will rest upon the ground and look at all the bugs we found then safely walk […]

Bone Broke – The White Stripes

Hey Look closer and you can see iv been running it i got a dollar bill in the cockpit suprised me in the line is a blackhole i got another job at the liquor store damn oh well i’m bone broke they got a white pony in the stable and ride him when the jockey […]

The Union Forever – The White Stripes

for there is no true love It can’t be love for there is no true love Sure I’m C. F. K. [Charles Foster Kane-Citizen Kane] but you gotta love me the cost no man can say but you gotta love me Well I’m sorry but I’m not interested in gold mines, oil wells, shipping or […]

You’ve Got Her In Your Pocket – The White Stripes

And there’s no way out now Put it in the safe and lock it ’cause it’s at home sweet home Nobody ever told you that it was the wrong way To trick a woman, make her feel she did it her way And you’ll be there if she ever feels blue And you’ll be there […]

Stop Breaking Down – The White Stripes

To convulate my mind Some pretty mama, she starts Breakin’ down – stop breakin’ down! Whoo! Stop breakin’ down! The stuff I got is gonna bust your brains out Well, it’ll make you lose your mind You saturday night women, you love to Ape and clown You won’t do nothin’ but tear a good man’s […]

In The Cold, Cold, Night – The White Stripes

On the edge of a burning light I saw you standing in the corner Come to me again in the cold, cold night in the cold, cold night You make me feel a little older Like a full grown woman might But when you’re gone I grow colder come to me again in The Cold, […]

Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes

A seven nation army couldn’t hold me back They’re gonna rip it off Taking their time right behind my back And I’m talking to myself at night Because I can’t forget Back and forth through my mind Behind a cigarette And the message coming from my eyes Says leave it alone Don’t want to hear […]