They All Looked So Kind – Days Of Yore

They locked me up, for a fleeting moment I fear
Soon shall be left here nothing but a memory
I can’t help sneering at their unwary behaviour
Didn’t they know that no one can immure a rogue?

Deep down inside I knew it from the start
In the end would await a sordid trap
Now the facts just confirm my suspicions
This brazen sham was only deception

They all looked so kind, yet I should have known
That these low-lifes were rotten to the bones
They all looked so kind, but I should have paid heed
To these ill willed people’s notoriety

Yearning to sneak away, I slipped through a trap door
Before trying my luck in the age old catacombs
Heading for nowhere, I wandered hither and tiither
Until fortune led me to a scene quite peculiar

With a stealthy tread, remaining out of sight
I drew nearer, surprising an arcane rite
Choked, I stood unmoved, my senses bedazed
No doubt, evil was unfolding before my gaze

Lyric They All Looked So Kind – Days Of Yore