They – Entombed

Willing to believe whatever gets me by.
So, I got with the winning team.
But nothing ever seem to be what it seems.

O yeah. Well I don’t care.
I’m just to busy getting from here to there.

I put my hand over the flame.
Now, nothing would ever be the same.
One day it’s there – one day it’s gone.
But I still feel like I’m the lucky one. Yeah!

Y’know how they say,
“hey, don’t rock a boat if you’re in it”.
Well, the ship we’re all in babe, is sinking by the minute.
They say, “hey, it’s all a bunch of bull!”.
Well, it’s just what I’ve heard but they shoot every bird that don’t sing beatiful.

Everyday victory.
Everyday peace.
Just them little, little things that keeps you off your knees.
Sunshine of a smile.
Subtle if you please.

Lyric They – Entombed