Performer THIN LIZZY

With Love – Thin Lizzy

Resistance is useless she can leave at any time I must confess that in my quest I felt depressed and […]

Renegade – Thin Lizzy

He’s a rebel that has fallen down He’s a fool been blown away To you and me he’s a renegade […]

Buffalo Gal – Thin Lizzy

Buffalo Gal, you’ve had your fun Your button’s undone and the time’s right for slaughter Buffalo Gal You’re thirsty and […]

Hey You – Thin Lizzy

The people there are cold Just living in a small town Just doing as you’re told You move up to […]

S&M – Thin Lizzy

Into the arms of a sugar daddy She’d been having a good time Oh but she loved her daddy madly […]

Massacre – Thin Lizzy

There’s no place left to go Six hundred unknown heroes Were killed like sleeping buffalo Through the devil’s canyon Across […]

Borderline – Thin Lizzy

At the bar drinking all on my own Just thinking about that girl and me How something’s going wrong Mister, […]

Rosalie – Thin Lizzy

A smoother operator you will never see Said “;See you later”; You know one day I disobeyed her openly She […]

Bad Habits – Thin Lizzy

Girl you’re really shocking I seen you walking down the street with another hand Held in your stockings Boys will […]

Jailbreak – Thin Lizzy

Somewhere in this town See me and the boys we don’t like it So were getting up and going down […]

Wild One – Thin Lizzy

You’ve been away too long, will you We need you home, we need you near Come back wild one will […]

Showdown – Thin Lizzy

The leader of the boot boys He’d never cause no trouble In a rumble make some noise He heard about […]

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