Suffer – Think About Mutation

give it up we live fast take a note for the past talk in sleep that’s your way in paradise you will stay my fantasies of underground – you’re a liar too are very strange and much to loud – you are not alone come take the light of emptyness – turn the radio on […]

Overload – Think About Mutation

this is the sound of your brain it smells like rotten elvis this is the sound of your brain this rollin’ record sounds helpless this is the sound of your brain you’re looking like a rapeman this is the sound of your brain I’ll come to kill your ideal system overload… systems overload hear the […]

Ganglords – Think About Mutation

gangbanging in l. a. is where you stay I ask you is this reality with guns with hate with stupidity corruption hangs up with authority reality – authority – stupidity – never been… the more you suffer and the more than I can rhyme this is the feeling let god still be blind I want […]

Lucky Time – Think About Mutation

mathematics thermostatics we are on an endless line toxic station radiations signs of our lucky time …and the beat goes on move on… last night the dj saved my life politicians exhibitions deconstructed art-design fighting children sex with children I will rave until the time hospitals with genious surgeons genious like genocide videodrome was not […]

Warning – Think About Mutation

it’s not your suicide no suicide no suicide it’s not the suicide it’s only a test you’ve got eyes like the corpse of james dean fuck with corbucci or fiorucci you’ve got eyes like a bottle of j & b best wishes from your crypt best wishes – we’ll keep you it’s not your suicide […]