Camouflage – Third Eye Blind

You’ll know Justice comes, justice let it come I get the justice coming for you and I I get the joy joy when it comes my joy, I get the joy When justice comes to everyone Why does a willow weep when all I see’s a tree go All in camouflage everyone I know We […]

Darkness – Third Eye Blind

Born a joneser And the cops roll out the radar And shoot devious grins Another day begins I want someone to know me Maybe tell me who I am Cause I’ve faced down my demons And cried out to a god A god I’ve never seen Lights And the world darkens around me Strange friends […]

An Ode To Maybe – Third Eye Blind

And I’m staring at you pulling clothes from a dryer And I’m wondering how I got here But it seems some how I keep getting stuck in the mire I needed this more than you I knew And I let you down and I said I’m sorry But the light that falls on my castle […]