This Summer – Squeeze

Brain engages mouth
Mouth expresses thoughts
Of how we shared those fun fair rides
Beneath the darkness of the night
Time can crowd the head
Like a sardine can
The summer that began to blur
Has put us on the calendar

This summer there wonЎЇt be a cloud in the sky
IЎЇm so made up I feel I could take off and fly
This summer weЎЇve pulled all the sheets off the bed
IЎЇm so happy I canЎЇt get you out of my head
This summer I am so in love with you

Mornings pass us by
As curtains hide the sun
Nights we spent out of control
Like two flags wrapped around a pole

I see the helter skelter lights
And hear the music in the breeze
And when weЎЇre skimming stones tonight
It feels so good that youЎЇre with me

Lyric This Summer – Squeeze