Thorns Of A Black Rose – Defleshed

Hold you, unfold you, grow old with you,
I need to see you, be you, me & you…

That’s all I want
That’s all I need

I’d like to fly you, spy you, die with you
Wear you, dare you, take care of you
I think of meeting you, greeting you, eating you
Hate you… but all I do is wait for you

That’s all I’d like
That’s all I think

I’ve ripped myself on the thorns of a black rose
Lost my will – that’s the way things goes

I dream of pouring you, scoring you,
getting more of you
And to find you, blind you, be kind to you
I’d love to dress you, stress you, caress you
Miss you, skiss you…kiss you…

Lyric Thorns Of A Black Rose – Defleshed