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Just Anotha Crazy Click – Three 6 Mafia

I choke… nope… thats wack hold up. I stab you with an umbrella, then open it cause I’m sick like a diseased Ethiopean. Alright Hold Up!!!! Wait a second listen! I peel your cap back with a cannon ball, I buck ’em all fuck ’em all we standin’ tall woooo…. Three 6 Mafia, Insane Clown […]

In-2-Deep – Three 6 Mafia

You might get involved with the wrong people Get into a situation you might can’t get yourself out of Dig a hole you can’t climb out You know what I’m saying Get in it too deep Chorus x2 I’m in it too deep to get on out They always told me death was the only […]

From Da Back – Three 6 Mafia

Chorus: [D. J. Paul] You dealing with some thugs who like to hit it from the back (back) with no kind of springs attached what you think about that shorty [Gangsta Boo] You dealing with some bitches who like cheese up front (front) get down on your knees up front now what you think about […]

Late Nite Tip – Three 6 Mafia

Gonna cut out of the lights down dim, forget all About your world We gonna just flow wit what we feel lets share a Few private thoughts, I’m not just Out for your sex, let me simp-lify The things in life that You find complex, forget what You heard bout me cause your a Scarecrow […]

War Wit Us – Three 6 Mafia

Do ya niggas want a war wit us Do ya niggas want to get your head bust I see them yorks in the sky raise em high raise em high I see them tones in the sky raise em high raise em high [Juicy J] Yeah every time I flip the script Niggas always talkin […]

Baby Mama – Three 6 Mafia

[Juicy J] It’s my baby mama (yeanknow) I’m on child support She get welfare checks, but I stay in court It’s my baby mama (yeanknow) she be ridin’ Cady And she always lookin’ for sugar daddies [LaChat] It’s my baby daddy (yeanknow) he be always broke And he aint no good nothin’, but a joke […]

Hoes Can Be Like Niggas – Three 6 Mafia

I told these hoes that I can’t go I grip my crown three-eighty I keep my distance from these bitches cause they are with that shit Ain’t got no choice these hoes be clicking Lil Chat can’t fuck with no bitch I’d rather kick it by my lonely cause I’m all that I need I’d […]

Break Da Law ’95 – Three 6 Mafia

Break da law, break da law… (DJ Paul) Nigga recognize tha Triple 6 shit It’s so fuckin’ thick We gotta lay it down We gotta spray We gotta break ya bitch Comin’ up stays on my mind So we gotta drop a busta A playa hatin’ nigga or a crooked cop Run up If ya […]

Jus Like Us – Three 6 Mafia

Yeah, run bitch. Run hoe! Ya nice motherfuckas! Y’all jealous ass bitches! You know what I’ma call y’all? Some Jello niggas. Cuz y’all jealous of us, bitch. Every motherfucker in our camp ridin clean, nigga. Y’all know the motherfuckin score. And this one right here is dedicated to you [censor beep]. It’s dedicated to you, […]

2-Way Freak – Three 6 Mafia

[(HOOK) – DJ Paul] She’s a two way freak, a two way freak She goin THROUGH YOUR BEEPER when she know you asleep She’s a two way bitch, a two way bitch She wastin up your characters aint TALKIN about shit She’s a two way freak, a two way freak She beamin up your boys […]

Live By Yo Rep (B. O. N. E. Dis) – Three 6 Mafia

Well, Lord Infamous shall take 1000 razor blades and press them in they flesh. Take my pitchfork up outta the fire, soakin’ it down in their chest. Through the ribs, spines, charcoal the muscle tissue And sendin’ what’s left in thE nnail to yo baby Cause i think that bitch might miss you. But first, […]

Fuck Dat Shit – Three 6 Mafia

Fuck that shit Fuck that shit Fuck that shit Fuck that shit (Juicy J) Fuck that shit Fuck that shit Slap a punk bitch Slap a punk bitch And raise hell like a mother Make you call the punks And when your finish other punks I’m a cut your throat Just a fun nigga mayn […]

Slob On My Knob (Pt. II) – Three 6 Mafia

check in with me and do your job Lay on the bed and give me head dont have to ask dont hve to beg juicy is my name sex is my game lets call the boys lets run a train squeeze on my nuts lick on my butt the natural curly hair please dont touch […]

Live By Yo Rep (Radio) – Three 6 Mafia

-Three 6 Mafia -From Memphis, who has a unique quality of rap style, what would you do if someone tried to duplicate your ideas? [Lord Infamous] Lord Infamous takin 1000 of razor blades And I be pressin them into the flesh Takin my pitchfork up out of the fire And soakin it down in their […]

Gangsta Niggaz – Three 6 Mafia

We up all night (we hip, we hip) We high off that white We smokin that weed (we hip, we hip) Them eyes be tight We drinkin them fifths (we hip, we hip) We pimpin a bitch Our grills are gold (we hip, we hip) Our nose be (sniff) We carried them glocks (we hip, […]

Mean Mug – Three 6 Mafia

cookin got a problem wit my style wwit tha click wit tha klan lames I don’t understand if you feel dat ya real fuck a song grab da steal (Juicey J) theese snitching niggas claim we dealin told them folks we pimpin women but a nigga ain’t gone live it locked up in a fed […]

Land Of The Lost – Three 6 Mafia

Hustlin’ and game Tryin ta stack some change Land of tha Lost Full of Gangstas n killas Niggas all about they damn scrilla Gangsta Boo To start it off i’m the mutha fuckin lady about her cheese While u other Herman Benz out there leavin fo’ free Kinda quick to tell you what im gonna […]

Take A Bump – Three 6 Mafia

Break bre break bre breakout the dollar and take a bump Pick out the seeds and spit the blunt If you wanna get numb froze and slump If you got what I want won’t you give me some [Juicy “;J”;] How high can you get on that? frendly fruit??(?frendly fruit?) How high can you get […]

Get Buck Muthafucka (Original) – Three 6 Mafia

(Chorus) Get buck muthafucka get buck Get buck muthafucka get buck Get buck muthafucka get buck Get buck muthafucka get buck Get buck muthafucka get buck Get buck muthafucka get buck Get buck muthafucka get buck Get buck muthafucka get buck (Juicy J) Yeah 1991 DJ Juicy J Strikes again All never turn my back […]

Don’t Make Me Kill – Three 6 Mafia

Wha Wha What you [Lord Infamous] I keep seeing images man it’s like I’m locked in a simulator Apocalypse slayer, I’m the street nigga terminator Is it in my nature to be another life taker? Then I ask ’em why home invader? Strapped with the auto and razor These days madness, raising havoc Witness savage, […]

Good Stuff – Three 6 Mafia

All of my life I need ya bad I’ve been searchin’ for ya That good ol’ stuff I can’t get enough You know I’ve been yoanin’ (yearnin’) for ya Call me a drunkie that’s wrong Don’t play it instead of rich bone Young son that’s full of that come We needs a one and a […]

Gotta Touch ‘Em (Pt. 2) – Three 6 Mafia

you gotta touch em when you see dj mel making fresh beats we aint nothin but some killas u’s a bithc and u actin like a snitc so fuck wit us, so dont play wit us, dont mess wit us, cuz we da real deal ready to get us a platnim meal im starvin and […]

Sippin’ On Some Syrup – Three 6 Mafia

[Pimp C] For a trill, working the wheel, a pimp not a simp Keep the dope fiends higher than the Goodyear Blimp We eat so many shrimp, I got iodine poisoning Punk niggas make me sick with all the pidgeoning and bargaining You say that you a boss, I ain’t believing that shit You got […]