Performer THREE 6-MAFIA

Long Nite – Three 6 Mafia

This little short young niggas in them caskets You bein’ front black nigga rolled up layed up on your ass […]

Slippin – Three 6 Mafia

Evertime I see you slippin’ I go and reach for my mac 10 Victims of my devils playground (Koopsta Knicca) […]

Who Run It – Three 6 Mafia

Who run it (x15) Chorus: DJ Paul (4x) These bitches ain’t runnin'(runnin’), shit but y’all mouth Cause the first hater […]

O. V – Three 6 Mafia

Yeah, Lord Infamous, back in this thang, the scarecrow, keyser soze You know in memphis, we got this lil saying, […]

In-2-Deep – Three 6 Mafia

You might get involved with the wrong people Get into a situation you might can’t get yourself out of Dig […]

Baby Mama – Three 6 Mafia

[Juicy J] It’s my baby mama (yeanknow) I’m on child support She get welfare checks, but I stay in court […]

Jus Like Us – Three 6 Mafia

Yeah, run bitch. Run hoe! Ya nice motherfuckas! Y’all jealous ass bitches! You know what I’ma call y’all? Some Jello […]

Mean Mug – Three 6 Mafia

cookin got a problem wit my style wwit tha click wit tha klan lames I don’t understand if you feel […]

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