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Slippin – Three 6 Mafia

Evertime I see you slippin’ I go and reach for my mac 10 Victims of my devils playground (Koopsta Knicca) Damn I’m about to bust a cap up in these tricks Chris I’m thinkin’ deadly and I’m scopin’ with that infarred Kickin’ it with the hardest click Leavin’ bodies rottin’ up in them ditches Man […]

Are U Ready 4 Us – Three 6 Mafia

1998 Three 6 Mafia Hooked up with the motherfuckin’ Dayton Family Are ya’ll ready for us Bring the pain Bitch ya’ll ain’t ready for us Miphia style Flip Time 98 Rollin’ like dees Smoke the trees bitch Chorus x2 We mafia, is it too much (We mafia mafia mafia ya) Are you ready for us […]

Where Da Cheese At – Three 6 Mafia

Hey man, put the needle on the record man Let’s bump some of this motherfucking Crunchy Black This shit bump dog [Crunchy Black in Who Run It] This motherfucking room (static) I can’t take (static) Tossed Out, These Bitches (static) I’m bout to Overload I’m bout to kill a boy All I (record scratch) 3x […]

Spill My Blood – Three 6 Mafia

Chorus 1 x1 Have they come to spill my blood Have they come to sentence me Will I leave here with my life my lord If the law man capture me Chorus 2 x1 Have they come to spill my blood Have they come to sentence me Will I live to see the morning sun […]

Body Parts – Three 6 Mafia

Hoe, I gotta my Prophet Posse right behind me Throw a chump and run a man through da crowd He gonna give me sumthin Brap Rap my niggas And step em when K – Rocin Dont fuck with dis, see See if u wit me if u wit me mon We buck em down We […]

Dis Bitch, Dat Hoe – Three 6 Mafia

Dis, dis, dis, d-dis, dis, dis, d-dis Dis bitch, dat hoe, hoe let me see ya pussy Dis bitch, dat hoe, hoe let me see ya pussy Dis bitch, dat hoe, hoe let me see ya pussy Hoe, soakin’ fuckin’ wet Hoe, soakin’ fuckin’ wet Dis bitch, dat hoe, hoe let me see ya pussy […]

Don’t Trust ‘Em – Three 6 Mafia

(Chorus) x4 My nigga told me once don’t you trust them motherfuckers They act like they your thugs but they phoney motherfuckers You trust no you trust no fucking bitch Cuz if you trust a fucking bitch you be in the ditch Oh no you let a hoe Set you up and now its time […]

Tear Da Club Up (Da Real) – Three 6 Mafia

Tear the club up, nigga tear the club up This for all the playas who be talkin’ that shit The 3-6 show no love We quick to murder a trick You could be a friend or foe Kinda down or not I’m rollin’ wit that fool Crunchy and we got them glocks Backed up, bout’ […]

In Da Game – Three 6 Mafia

Dope game cocaine Dope game dope dope cocaine… Gangsta Boo Dope game my game hoes lame its a shame how the Gangsta Boo is gonna click up on you bitches manne Gangsta Boo is not the kind of bitch that will like get punked out looks are so decieving stupid bitch do you wanna fizzind […]

Project Hoes – Three 6 Mafia

project project project hoe x4 Bullshitters go for the he say she say Real niggas go for the lucha leray Bitch fuck with me and she gotsta pay me Loot in my hand hoe before you leave me Go get your fuck on cuz that dont phase me Lame niggas let that will drive them […]

3-6 In The Morning – Three 6 Mafia

Slipped on my lugz Quickly thugged out the back yo Jumped the back gate Cranked the Chevy Then I race Popped in the deck A motherfuckin’ Three 6 Mafia tape I’m crunked off the bump Pumpin’ through my backseat Speedin’ hit the weed Though the end of the streets of Memphis, Tennesee Got my stacks […]

We Shootin’ 1st – Three 6 Mafia

‘Cause bitch we shoot ’em first We don’t ask questions later We’re Triple 6, Triple 6 fuckin’ haters And it’s on if you niggaz Wanna bring it to the door To you cowards in my face I’m a treat you like a hoe [Gangsta Boo] Since you niggaz talkin’ shit About the dirty dirty six […]

Be A Witness (Killa Klan Kaze) – Three 6 Mafia

[Chorus] Killa Klan, come get this, big business, motherfucker be a witness (K-Rock from Killa Klan Kaze) Now I was coming in up in Memphis on that motherfuckin real shit Bullets in chamber, fill it with anger, paid all my dues to Triple the 6 Scanman might take your hand, slowly grab to the pistol […]

M. E. M. P. H. I. S. – Three 6 Mafia

Finally, I got all real niggaz on on a muthafuckin’ Posse song Niggaz that’s down to cut some muthafuckin’ heads (Mafia, ya, y-ya, y-ya, ya, ya) [*repeats through whole song*] From hear to ATL, to Nashville, back to the M-town nigga And you know what that mean bitch Makin’ easy money, pimpin’ hoes is serious […]

Last Man Standing – Three 6 Mafia

My weapon’s here to tell ya [Lord Infamous] Torture til they gone, never stay alone, killas, laser chrome Hunting in the zone, where the enemies roam, Massacre the town, fire all yo rounds, make em all fall down, Please don’t make a sound, hear the Devil growl Please don’t go to sleep, never go to […]

The Restaurant Scene (Skit) – Three 6 Mafia

c’mon u fuckin fag (dj paul) i say we… (pancho v) wassup menn? (juicy j) wassup menn? (pancho v) wassup? wassup menn? (dj paul) menn dis nigga got out couple of motherfuckin months (juicy j) nigga even aint holla at a nigga menn (juicy j) c’mon menn, it aint even like dat (pancho v) i’m […]

U Got Da Game Wrong – Three 6 Mafia

(La chat&Juicy J) i need a couch bag, bitch u got da game wrong, i need my hair done, hoe u got da game wrong, i need my rent paid, bitch u got da game wrong, i need my nails done, hoe u got da game wrong verse1 (Juicy J) Yeah she freaky freaky deeky […]

Who Run It – Three 6 Mafia

Who run it (x15) Chorus: DJ Paul (4x) These bitches ain’t runnin'(runnin’), shit but y’all mouth Cause the first hater step, the first hater get tossed out DJ Paul: These niggaz got plenty ammo, but they ain’t got plenty guns I’m bustin’ out of these cars, got the hoes on the run I’m hearin’ plenty […]

Hit A Muthafucker – Three 6 Mafia

I bet you won’t Hit a motherfucker, hit a motherfucker (Bitch) Hit a motherfucker, hit a motherfucker I bet you won’t Push a motherfucker, push a motherfucker (Hoe) Push a motherfucker, push a motherfucker I bet you won’t This ain’t no game, we bring the pain So don’t you niggas trip Fallin the club with […]

O. V – Three 6 Mafia

Yeah, Lord Infamous, back in this thang, the scarecrow, keyser soze You know in memphis, we got this lil saying, when somebody tryna cross then flodgin, high cappin’ We got this lil thing we call OV nigga, that means its over [Lord Infamous] Fuck with this super thug and get drugged Sweep your bodyparts under […]

Triple 6 Mafia – Three 6 Mafia

kinda silent kinda violent as we stroll theses niggas got ammo but i found out thats the way it goes the triple 6 mafia be like quick to ride on some tricks while smokin on mega blunts hoe we take care of our business the Koopsta the Knicca the ciz ap peela is on the […]

Just Anotha Crazy Click – Three 6 Mafia

I choke… nope… thats wack hold up. I stab you with an umbrella, then open it cause I’m sick like a diseased Ethiopean. Alright Hold Up!!!! Wait a second listen! I peel your cap back with a cannon ball, I buck ’em all fuck ’em all we standin’ tall woooo…. Three 6 Mafia, Insane Clown […]

In-2-Deep – Three 6 Mafia

You might get involved with the wrong people Get into a situation you might can’t get yourself out of Dig a hole you can’t climb out You know what I’m saying Get in it too deep Chorus x2 I’m in it too deep to get on out They always told me death was the only […]

From Da Back – Three 6 Mafia

Chorus: [D. J. Paul] You dealing with some thugs who like to hit it from the back (back) with no kind of springs attached what you think about that shorty [Gangsta Boo] You dealing with some bitches who like cheese up front (front) get down on your knees up front now what you think about […]

Late Nite Tip – Three 6 Mafia

Gonna cut out of the lights down dim, forget all About your world We gonna just flow wit what we feel lets share a Few private thoughts, I’m not just Out for your sex, let me simp-lify The things in life that You find complex, forget what You heard bout me cause your a Scarecrow […]

War Wit Us – Three 6 Mafia

Do ya niggas want a war wit us Do ya niggas want to get your head bust I see them yorks in the sky raise em high raise em high I see them tones in the sky raise em high raise em high [Juicy J] Yeah every time I flip the script Niggas always talkin […]

Baby Mama – Three 6 Mafia

[Juicy J] It’s my baby mama (yeanknow) I’m on child support She get welfare checks, but I stay in court It’s my baby mama (yeanknow) she be ridin’ Cady And she always lookin’ for sugar daddies [LaChat] It’s my baby daddy (yeanknow) he be always broke And he aint no good nothin’, but a joke […]

Hoes Can Be Like Niggas – Three 6 Mafia

I told these hoes that I can’t go I grip my crown three-eighty I keep my distance from these bitches cause they are with that shit Ain’t got no choice these hoes be clicking Lil Chat can’t fuck with no bitch I’d rather kick it by my lonely cause I’m all that I need I’d […]

Break Da Law ’95 – Three 6 Mafia

Break da law, break da law… (DJ Paul) Nigga recognize tha Triple 6 shit It’s so fuckin’ thick We gotta lay it down We gotta spray We gotta break ya bitch Comin’ up stays on my mind So we gotta drop a busta A playa hatin’ nigga or a crooked cop Run up If ya […]

Jus Like Us – Three 6 Mafia

Yeah, run bitch. Run hoe! Ya nice motherfuckas! Y’all jealous ass bitches! You know what I’ma call y’all? Some Jello niggas. Cuz y’all jealous of us, bitch. Every motherfucker in our camp ridin clean, nigga. Y’all know the motherfuckin score. And this one right here is dedicated to you [censor beep]. It’s dedicated to you, […]

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