S. C. U. M. – Throwdown

cus every corner turned the scum of the earth Fuck the gangs of middleclass suburbia, the gutter punks, their prozac […]

Burn – Throwdown

Did you come this far to life live you and betray your heart? Disconnected.. by the doubt in your head […]

Vendetta – Throwdown

Long road.. We’ve treaded on since day one Hard times.. We swore we would overcome Without this where the hell […]

No Love – Throwdown

tried to wash me away How I’d love to hold your face under the flood And smile from above while […]

Raise Your Fist – Throwdown

you’ve got to give yourself some discipline. fuck yeah. raise your fist in the air. drug free. cleanse yourself. you […]

I, Suicide – Throwdown

The hollow voice behind your eyes Embracing you To numb the pain and paralyze When no one cared, I was […]

Holy Roller – Throwdown

While You cut another line to breathe Holy roller, poster child for fear and insecurity Well, nothing is holy and […]

Declare Your War – Throwdown

motherfuckers tear you away from what you love. gotta fight back and reclaim what’s truly yours. take revenge on the […]

Hopeless – Throwdown

anything. cus the hate has left me dead inside. there’s a fine fucking line between love and hate. that we […]

Americana – Throwdown

White noise medicating Rape and murder, holy war, nothing phases me And now I have the only scapegoat that I […]

Day Of The Dog – Throwdown

Given a family that called me their own It gave me something It gave me something called hope Twenty years […]

Godspeed – Throwdown

I’m told that I don’t know a thing But maybe with some time alone we’ll both learn what it means […]

Shut You Down – Throwdown

and the snakes from friends. We always learn the hard way. Only fakes… Running there mouth about loyalty, but now […]

Discipline – Throwdown

I found a better way And it can’t be bought, no Discipline (You can’t stop this) Discipline (You’ll never stop […]

False Idols – Throwdown

but don’t take it to mind. i’m too weak. i need to idolize. this fixation is my frustration. too weak […]

Walk Away – Throwdown

time is spent you’re just a coward in your safe place. well your security hangs by a thread. no more […]

Forever – Throwdown

and lemme tell you it shows right through. you don’t know shit about me or my friends. what they are […]