Thugz Women – TQ

I ainЎЇt tryЎЇn be your pain.
But I just got a couple things to explain to you.
Before I get up in your pain.

I like to get me girls that ride for the niggers.
Getting high with there niggers.
Cheating lies for the niggers.
In other words she got to be infilated with the game.

But lovenigger is the worst kind.
But if you fuck with me you see a change of mind.
Thugz women always life a good life.
They never got to worry about no 9 to 5.
And my women donЎЇt trip about me getting high.
They stay right by my side and watch the daimond shine.
So fly women can you throw you hands up high.
So I can see you cause I got I thing for thugz women.

I problay buy you by chanel and D & G
But only if you come and make this run with me.
AinЎЇt no need to qeustion my ability to get up in your mind.
Freak you all night.
AinЎЇt go lie know the times itЎЇs gonna be
When i wanna have i daimond under me.
Aint me wanna try and find the wannebe.
And hope see donЎЇt believe. (2X).

Lyric Thugz Women – TQ