Till Death Do Us Apart – Godstower

I watch the picture of my born
The dancing shapes in the flames
The Knife will grow to a sword
The Gloomy Sage gave a sword to me
He said it’s time to start
The fate of sword is to defend me
Till death do us apart
I remember life was going on
I was growing strong
Now the days of my youth has past
The Knife became a sword
When I was only seventeen
My sword tasted the blood…
My sword is salvation
Life is in my hands
Flesh and steel’s connection
In fight I’ll be saved
I am blessed to be right
In my reality
My God is Semargl
Sword will defend me
Enemies to be dead
Just like in my dreams
I will get the power
Of immortality
Fortunes of war
Soon they will be mine
I’ll become a King
Before I die
My sword is my symbol
My sword is my fate
Everything I do
I do for my gain
My swrd is my symbol
It’s sign in my heart
I’ll never be conquered
Till death do us apart

Lyric Till Death Do Us Apart – Godstower