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More Love – Tim O’Brien

There’s a silence between us and there’s so much to say You’re my strength you’re my weakness You’re my faith you’re my doubt We gotta meet in the middle To work this thing out More love I can hear our hearts cryin’ More love I know that’s all we need More love to flow in […]

Circles Around You – Tim O’Brien

Your face was smilin’ and lookin’ my way it said You beat the odds in some game Five thousand dollars and fame I thought how you looked the same Can’t lose the sight of you, can’t lose the sound, it’s just Like some bad penny that keeps comin’ around, I think We’ve been three years […]

Fell Into Her Deep Blue Eyes – Tim O’Brien

We might even have a fight if we have to much to drink I guess she has her own shape and I know I must have mine But we make one happy shape, one big happy shape most of the time We were just two kids handin’ round in college town We fell in love […]

Don’t Be Surprised – Tim O’Brien

They were out on the road just waitin’ to be took And I wasn’t much better, all I owned in a sack But I had enough street smarts to watch my back And he asked me if I knew a place they could go To keep from the wind, away from the rain and the […]

One Way Street – Tim O’Brien

You’re leadin’ me down a one way street Is it a game that you play, that you play Here I’ve been thinkin’ that you’re so sweet I do the givin’ and you take All of my lovin’ and you make Promises that you don’t keep Baby the price is too steep You’re leadin’ me down […]

How Come I Ain’t Dead – Tim O’Brien

She said don’t be dramatic, you’ll survive She drove away, the sky turned gray I cried all night about her I’m still breathin’ but her leavin’ hurts more Each day I’m alive If I can’t live without her, how come I ain’t dead Six feet down in the cold, cold ground With a stone above […]

Out in the Darkness – Tim O’Brien

I see you standing there I want to guide you into the light Show you I really care It’s hard to show the way I feel On this side of the line How can I show you my love is real It you can’t see the sign Chorus A little bit harder, we’re gonna have […]

Little Sadie – Tim O’Brien

I met little Sadie and I shot her down Went back home and I got into bed Forty four smokeless under my head Woke up the next morning bout half past nine The hacks and the buggies all standin in line The gents and the gamblers standing around Taking little Sadie to her buryin ground […]

John Riley – Tim O’Brien

And he sailed away to America when the country was much younger The place was strange and work was scarce and all he knew was farming So he followed his other Irish friends to a job in the US Army Adventure calls and some men run, and this is their sad story Some get drunk […]

That’s What I Like About You – Tim O’Brien

I like a man who’s crazy about me I like a man who can live without me too That’s what I like about you I like a man who will lay down beside me I like a man who will stand up to me too That’s what I like about you Don’t want a man […]

Edge of the Storm – Tim O’Brien

She said for a rainy day A hundred more from the general store Where she stocked the shelves for pay She’d had enough of those country roads And the wind in the telephone wires Said a prayer for luck, started the truck Checked the mirror and spun the tires Chorus She said there’s no such […]

Shadows of Light – Tim O’Brien

From blindness to sight Sober to tight You’re makin’ me feel like a king and a pawn When you’re here and you’re gone Turnin’ me off and on Chorus: I’m never sure if you’re lettin’ me go or if you’re really mine I need you to show me, let me know, if you’re really mine […]

Travelers – Tim O’Brien

Searching for signs that the spirit may send There are few answers in this life I’m afraid Only more questions from this world that he made South of the city where the olive trees grow In the space between moments my heart sometimes goes I bathe in the silence there down on my knees Then […]

Mountaineer Is Always Free – Tim O’Brien

I walked up the pier from the coffin ships landing My clothes were just rags, no use in this weather But my back was strong, my hands tough as leathe I climbed up these hills till I came to the spot where I stand I cleared these fields and I pulled up the stumps with […]

Kick Me When I’m Down – Tim O’Brien

Figured I would come back before too long As soon as I moved out, you started comin’ around Ain’t it like an old friend to kick me when I’m down Kick me when I’m down, down level with the ground Spread it all around, all over this town Everybody I know knows I nothin’ but […]

Romance Is a Slow Dance – Tim O’Brien

To a sound as sweet as rain It’s a new song you never heard before Unfolding to you both the same It takes time but you can get that step Because lovin’ isn’t like a race Romance is a slow dance And your feet seem to fall in place There’s no one else out there […]

Kelly Joe’s Shoes – Tim O’Brien

He had a new a pair of high-top sneakers, didn’t fit him but they fit me fine I laced up his Converse sneakers, we drove down the California line After we played a little gig in Chico, he headed home, he left me behind Chorus: Said take these shoes and be on your way It […]

Two Journeys (Deux Voyages) – Tim O’Brien

Ils ont traverse la mer avec juste leur courage Mas pfres ont laisse tout pour la liberte Il y avait pas un roi qui pouvait les enchainer They left their land behind to make a great journey With nothing but their music, their courage, their names Our fathers sailed the sea to the west seeking […]

Stagger Lee – Tim O’Brien

It was in the town of St. Louis that old Stagger Lee was born Stagger Lee was a gambler and everybody knew his name He made his living singing high low jack and a game It was in the month of December on a cold and rainy night Stagger Lee and Billy Bly got in […]

Lone Tree Standing – Tim O’Brien

And you’re warm beside me in the early bright You’re the one I wanted, you’re the one I need And I feel so safe here and I feel so free I’d like to freeze this moment, I want to take this time I want to keep it with me, I want to make it mine […]

Turn The Page Again – Tim O’Brien

A question left unanswered, sent out on the evening wind If winter is a stranger, maybe spring will be my friend Seasons change, turn the page again Summer days are longer, I’m still waiting for your call Left hanging like a promise, like summer leaves the fall Sometimes she’s a stranger, sometimes she’s my friend […]

Time to Learn – Tim O’Brien

I can’t believe you’ve really left this world behind I can wait and I can hope I’ll get over this in time It takes time to learn when someone’s gone for good They’re not comin’ back like you wish they would In the empty hours when you miss them so Then it’s time to learn […]

Ribbon in Your Hair – Tim O’Brien

Back in the fall of ’49 The sun was sinkin’ in the west When somethin’ caught my eye And through the dim and misty light I saw the ribbon in your hair As you turned around I found true love then and there We never even met that day Fate kept you and I apart […]