Everything To You – Tim Rushlow

Do you read the morning paper What’s your favorite TV show Do you like your coffee strong And where do you go to be alone Do you like the sound of thunder Would you dance out in the rain Which one would you rather go to The ballet or the baseball game We’re just starting […]

That’s How It’s Gonna Be – Tim Rushlow

This ain’t the kind of love I’d call predicatable In fact it’s safe to say It’s unforgettable There’s absolutely nothin’ stoppin’ us Girl, I’ve got my heart made up That’s how it’s gonna be No fears, no tears No mountains we can’t move Just trust me, ’cause I’ll be Holdin’ on to you Forever faithfully […]

American Cars – Tim Rushlow

I Picked you up And you climbed through the window We took a midnight cruise The way you looked with your hair all windblown Nothin’ I could do but… Thank God for american cars Thank God for you Thank God for american cars And every little thing you do We parked out in the middle […]

When You Love Me – Tim Rushlow

Eight day weeks and overtime Thats just the way it is We all got dreams we’re working for Pushing hard and wanting more And settling for less But baby when you love me You show me That only one thing really matters You’re love, you’re sweet touch Is the strength that I lean on They […]

I Live – Tim Rushlow

Like a song that has no words My life was incomplete I was out there all alone Til the moment you found me You’re the beat inside my heart You’re the fire in my sould Do you know what you mean to me As long as you breathe, I love All that I need you […]