Can’t Nobody – Timbaland

C’mon ah what? Ah, what? C’mon, ah, what? Ah, what? C’mon, c’mon, ah, what? Ah, 1 Life 2 Live, what? […]

Joy – Timbaland

Sup party people? Huh How y’all doin? Me and Magoo gonna chill on the track, haha Let my man Ginuwine […]

Scream – Timbaland

Let’s journey across the Virginia skies. Can i have some of your cookies, can I have some of your pie […]

To My – Timbaland

[Nas] Can’t stop [Tim] Say what? [Nas] Play your parts [Tim] Uh-huh, it don’t stop [Nas] Nas Esco’ [Tim] Say […]

Clock Strikes (remix) – Timbaland

Yo… dot-da-dot-dot-dot, party ain’t over Uh-huh, what, uh-huh, what? Dot-dot-dot da party ain’t over Diggi do, uh-huh, what? Uh-huh, what, […]

Hold On – Timbaland

Oh! You know what? (Wyclef: good good good) I go through a lot, since my baby girl’s not here Life […]

Leavin’ – Timbaland

[Verse: Timbaland] Hey yall, it’s Timbaland with the jump off I only got forty eight hours before my plane takes […]

Fat Rabbit – Timbaland

I be that ni**a named Luda a. k. a. L-O-V-A, L-O-V-A f**k that s**t ni**a what u wanna say one […]

Here We Come – Timbaland

Another one [Playa] 1 – Here we go so wave your hands For Missy, Maganoo, and Timbaland We gon’ show […]

Drop – Timbaland

Fat Man Scoop, Crooklyn Clan Timbaland, Timbaland Fat Man Scoop, Crooklyn Clan Timbaland, Timbaland Whatever I say, y’all gotta do […]

Feel It – Timbaland

What? Can y’all feel this? (repeat 4X) Ooh Snap! My head throbbin As I ride in my 3-4-8 mobbin Listen […]

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