Voices – Timothy B. Schmit

Take me to the open range Follow me if you dare to believe in What can be If we see All that is given you and me When you feel there is no change Pardon me if I stare, I don’t mean to Be unkind Please don’t mind I thought that we kept better time […]

All I Want To Do – Timothy B. Schmit

I’ve got a secret on my mind You may not believe it so please be kind Baby all I want to do is get next to you tonight I’m always thinking of you every day But each time that I look you’re so far away Baby all I want to do is get next to […]

Give Me Back My Sight – Timothy B. Schmit

through my window once again Now another day begins And I rise with you As the hours drift away In my own world I tend to stay And I forget to say so many things to you How can I tell you all that I feel Every day of my life My love is fearless, […]

For The Children – Timothy B. Schmit

Once upon a time I – I could bathe in the sun By the ocean so blue I could smell the rainfall And watch the pure water run The taste it was true I used to be able to see so far away I had nothing to fear And now it’s so hard To feel […]

Every Song Is You – Timothy B. Schmit

Played the fool and done their part But fools rush in, baby, so why did we? Another day, a long lonely night Instead of loving we’d always fight There’s a hundred reasons why to set me free Ever since the day I left you I’ve had this feeling of emptiness And it won’t go away […]

I’m Not Angry Anymore – Timothy B. Schmit

What did you buy? You always were a by the numbers guy They brought you power on a silver tray But, now you fade away Where’s the weapon for your crime? Where you gonna run, where will the body hide? You know the secret but I know the score I’m not angry anymore Think I’m […]