Live And Breathe – Tina Cousins

You mellow my soul with your sanctuary What else could I do When all I am is you You set me free and now I fly again We’ve found a deeper love And a deeper meaning And it’s like a deeper feeling A deeper love And a deeper meaning And it’s right so live and […]

Nothing To Fear – Tina Cousins

Baby breathe me deep, and I’ll make you conscious Cause I can give you peace and I can make it right So close your eyes, everything will be alright Nothing to fear as long as I’m here Close your eyes now Close your eyes and feel me around you And baby let me show that […]

Turn Back Time – Tina Cousins

Ain’t nothin’ sacred in this world at all took your love for granted now it cuts so deep I never saw the writing on the wall It’s too late, I had your love but I pushed it away Twist of fate it’s hard to find the words to say But now I wanna turn back […]