Fool In Love – Tina Turner

Won’t somebody please, please tell me what’s wrong You’re just a fool, you know you’re in love You’ve got to […]

Love Thing – Tina Turner

I knew that i could make my move now Treading softly, i walked over you We talked about this thing […]

It’s Only Love – Tina Turner

There ain’t no use pretending Don’t you worry, it’s only love When your world has been shattered Ain’t nothing else […]

Help – Tina Turner

so much younger than today i never needed anybody’s help in anyway and now those days are gone i’m not […]

Falling – Tina Turner

help me i m falling helplessly falling falling for you and mountains there may be mountains the highest mountain won […]

Let’s Dance – Tina Turner

(D. Bowie, J. Lee) Producer: Terry Britten Albums: Live In Europe (88) Hey baby, won’t you take a chance? If […]

Steel Claw – Tina Turner

just one more fairytale about some rich bitch lying by the swimming pool its golden school living’s easy when you […]

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