Tiny Tears – Tindersticks

Wondering how long it’ll take You haven’t spoken or looked at her in all that time It’s the easiest line […]

Cherry Blossoms – Tindersticks

Snow white and black Deep and open Splashing against the windows Looking out onto a three-terrace town There’s a garden, […]

Raindrops – Tindersticks

The silence is here again tonight Will the love ever come back? Will the love ever come back? I know […]

Her – Tindersticks

Afraid of myself Never thought I could be so shallow Resort to playing a man It’s a thin line that […]

Untitled – Tindersticks

The rays remained in the sun that day And life isn’t full of surprises You think you could steal in […]

Kathleen – Tindersticks

But I ain’t in the mood for sunshine anyway Maybe I’ll go insane, got to stop the pain Maybe I’ll […]

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