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Cold Cold Ground – Tom Waits

never slept with a dream before he had to go away there’s a bell in the tower Uncle Ray bought a round don’t worry about the army in the cold cold ground now don’t be a cry baby when there’s wood in the shed there’s a bird in the chimmney and a stone in my […]

Putnam County – Tom Waits

around Putnam County kind of shy and sleepy as it clung to the skirts of the 2-lane, that was stretched out like an asphalt dance floor where all the oldtimers would hunker down in bib jeans and store bought boots lyin’ about their lives and the places that they’d been suckin’ on Coca Colas and […]

Old Boyfriends – Tom Waits

Lost in the pocket of your overcoat, Like burned out lite bulbs on a Ferris Wheel. Old Boy friends, You remember the kinds of cars they drove, Parking in an orange grove. He fell in love you see, With someone that I used to be. Tho I very seldom think of him, Nevertheless sometimes a […]

Step Right Up – Tom Waits

step right up step right up Everyone’s a winner, bargains galore That’s right, you too can be the proud owner Of the quality goes in before the name goes on One-tenth of a dollar one-tenth of a dollar we got service after sales You need perfume? we got perfume how ’bout an engagement ring? Something […]

Rockin’ Chair – Tom Waits

Running my fingers right through my hair Fire is flicken with a yellow and gold Makin me quiver in the snowy cold Got a lazy old woman Screaming bout my money She took every cent And she didn’t leave me any Times were never so good, got a fly for food Got no woman to […]

Old Shoes – Tom Waits

I’ve been putting it off for a while, Cause it’s harder by now, and the truth is so clear That I am crying when I’m seeing you smile. So goodbye, so long, the road calls me dear And your tears cannot bind me anymore, And farewell to the girl with the sun in her eyes […]

The Wages Of Love – Tom Waits

All the sages said don’t spend your wages on Love Graft and collusion _____ the intrusion and proceeding foreclosures there’s overexposures down at the crossroads the question is posed bridge is washed out and the highway’s closed ___ ___ ___ reason firmly believe love was designed to exploit and deceive There’s a _____ Wherever you […]

So Long I’ll See Ya – Tom Waits

And nobody knows what’s going on But I’ve got those so long I’ll see you cause my Buick’s outside waiting blues Well one for the money, two for the show Three to get ready, Tom’s gotta go He’s got them so long I’ll see you cause my Buick’s outside waiting blues Well bye-bye-bye, well bye-bye-bye […]

Potter’s Field – Tom Waits

and i’ll give you a bargain from the edge of a maniac’s dream that buys a black widow spider with a riddle in his yarn that’s clinging to the furrow of a blindman’s brow i’ll start talking from the brim of a thimble full of whiskey on a train through the bronx that will take […]

Crossroads – Tom Waits

In him; someway he got into the magic bullets and that leads straight to Devil’s work, just like marijuana leads to heroin; you think yo ucan take Them bullets or leave ’em, do you? Just save a few for your bad days Well, now, we all have those bad days when you can’t shoot for […]

Blue Skies – Tom Waits

Give me another reason to get out of bed And blue skies shine on my face Give me another woman to take her place Ain’t got no money, cupboards are bare No cigarettes and the kids got nothing to wear She walked out without a word Now the only sound left is the morning bird […]

Rain Dogs – Tom Waits

Taxi, we’d rather walk, huddle a doorway with the rain dogs For I am a rain dog, too Oh, how we danced and we swallowed the night For it was all ripe for dreaming Oh, how we danced away all of the lights We’ve always been out of our minds The rum pours strong and […]

Flash Pan Hunter – Tom Waits

His rifle is the sound of the morning Each sulfurous bullet way have it’s own wit Each cartridge comes with a warning Beware of elaborate telescopic meats They will find their way back to the forest CHORUS For Wilhelm can’t wait To be Peg Leg’s crown As the briar is strangling The rose back down […]

Blue Valentines – Tom Waits

All the way from Philadelphia To mark the anniversary Of someone that I used to be And it feels just like theres A warrant out for my arrest Got me checkin in my rearview mirror And I’m always on the run Thats why I changed my name And I didn’t think you’d ever find me […]

Looks Like I’m Up Shit Creek Again – Tom Waits

And your love was like the golden rays again Now I’m lying here on a Thursday, and you’re lovin someone new And it looks like I’m up shit creek again And I can’t help thinking of your lovin ways And I cried a quart of tears since you’ve been gone And I can’t face the […]

Better Off Without A Wife – Tom Waits

every Tom and Dick and Harry you must be strong to go it alone here’s to the bachelors and the bowery bums and those who feel that they’re the ones who are better off without a wife I like to sleep until the crack of noon midnight howlin’ at the moon goin’ out when I […]

Shiver Me Timbers – Tom Waits

Leavin’ all my friends My body’s at home But my heart’s in the wind Where the clouds are like headlines On a new front page sky My tears are salt water And the moon’s full and high And I know Martin Eden’s Gonna be proud of me And many before me Who’ve been called by […]

Kentucky Avenue – Tom Waits

charlie delisle sittin at the top of an avocado tree mrs stormll stab you with a steak knife if you step on her lawn i got a half pack of lucky strikes man come along with me lets fill our pockets with macadamia nuts then go over to bobby goodmansons and jump off the roof […]

Warm Beer And Cold Women – Tom Waits

every joint I stumbled into tonight that’s just how it’s been all these double knit strangers with gin and vermouth and recycled stories in the naugahyde booths with the platinum blondes and tobacco brunettes I’ll be drinkin’ to forget you lite another cigarette and the band’s playin’ something by Tammy Wynette and the drinks are […]

Barber Shop – Tom Waits

bay rum lucky tiger butch wax cracker jacks shoe shine jaw breaker magazine racks hangin round the barber shop a side burnin close crop mornin mr. furgeson what’s the good word witcha been stayin outa trouble like a good boy should i see you’re still cuttin hair well i’m still cuttin classes i just couldn’t […]

Picking Up After You – Tom Waits

And there goes the groom Looks like a hurricane Went thru this room Smells like a poolhall Where’s my other shoe And I’m sick and tired of pickin’ up after you Looks like you spent the nite in a trench And tell me, How long have you been combing your hair with a wrench Blue […]

Martha – Tom Waits

it’s been so many years Will she remember my old voice while I fight the tears? Hello, hello there, is this Martha? this is old Tom Frost, And I am calling long distance, don’t worry ’bout the cost. ‘Cause it’s been forty years or more, now Martha please recall, Meet me out for coffee, where […]

Diamonds On My Windshield – Tom Waits

Tears from heaven Pulling into town on the Interstate Pulling a steel train in the rain The wind bites my cheek through the wing Fast flying, freway driving Always makes me sing There’s a Duster tryin’ to change my tune Pulling up fast on the right Rolling restlessly, twenty-four hour moon Wisconsin hiker with a […]

Ruby’s Arms – Tom Waits

I wore when i was with you, all I need’s my railroad boots, and my leather jacket, as i say goodbye to ruby’s arms, although my heart is breaking, i will steal away out through your blinds, for soon you will be waking. The morning light has washed your face, and everything is turning blue […]

Gospel Train – Tom Waits

Got to get on board Train is leavin’ And there’s room for one more God, don’t listen to the devil He got ways to move you This train don’t carry no smokers This train… Well, come on people ‘Cause it’s startin’ to rain Get on board, it’s the gospel train Don’t listen to the devil […]

Burma Shave – Tom Waits

of a dying town the one eyed jacks across the railroad tracks and the scar on its belly pulled a stranger passing through he was a juvenile delinquent never learned how to behave but the cops would never think to look in burma shave and the road was like a ribbon and the moon was […]

Whistlin’ Past The Graveyard – Tom Waits

with an arm full of box cars on the wings of a magpie cross a hooligan night and i busted up a chifforobe way out by the cocomo cooked up a mess a mulligan and got into a fight CHORUS: whistlin past the graveyard steppin on a crack i’m a mean motherhubbard papa one eyed […]

Midnight Lullaby – Tom Waits

Hush-a bye my baby, no need to be crying. You can burn the midnight oil with me as long as you will Stare out at the moon upon the windowsill, and dream… Sing a song of sixpence, pocket full of rye Hush-a bye my baby, no need to be crying. There’s dew drops on the […]

Blind Love – Tom Waits

And I don’t care if they miss me, I never remember their names They say if you get far enough away, you’ll be on your way back home Well, I’m at the station, and I can’t get on the train Must be blind love, only kind of love is stone blind love Blind love, the […]

Eggs & Sausage – Tom Waits

nighthawks at the diner of Emma’s 49er, there’s a rendezvous of strangers around the coffee urn tonight all the gypsy hacks, the insomniacs now the paper’s been read now the waitress said eggs and sausage and a side of toast coffee and a roll, hash browns over easy chile in a bowl with burgers and […]

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