Lay Down Your Pain – Toni Childs

your voice, your voice calling from the window when you yelled that night I didn’t understand at all but you hurt and you cried and you’re mad and you’re angry at the world you want to tear it down you want to pull it down, down down come on and lay down lay down, lay […]

Where’s The Light – Toni Childs

and now I want some peace but I don’t think the money’s gonna take away the need and yes I’m hurting girl but you won’t see it much cause it’s the stuff we don’t let out it’s what you will not touch what it is now heart what we need to find it seems we’re […]

Stop Your Fussin – Toni Childs

when the sky is perfect blue and you’re getting everything you ever wanted to let’s not talk about the bad times we’ve been through that before it’s not right for making love anymore just stop your fussin boy please stop your fussin boy for your time will come yes your time will come can you […]

The Woman’s Boat – Toni Childs

and you are a man I was born different from you on this earth we both stand now, as a daughter I have learned rules and laws what to say and not to say what’s acceptable to be called in the woman’s boat on the woman’s sea they are calling us they are calling us […]

The Dead Are Dancing – Toni Childs

the revolution’s taken back whatever happened to the sons no more sunshine here only darkness here there’s no-one living in this town cause the dead are dancing the dead are dancing the dead are dancing in the town mother mary comes to me in this graveyard of hypocricy but father renta says I’ll have to […]

Don’t Walk Away – Toni Childs

ripping out the root of love don’t walk away ripping out the root of love tell me now what is in my heart the kind of lies that have torn us apart you lay down in the road baring your bloody soul don’t need no satisfaction guaranteed my main attraction ripping love out by the […]

Heaven’s Gate – Toni Childs

came to me in the light of truth a beautiful dream that was till he died one rainy fall there I was a child bride widowed at ninteen, defied never would I let him go go to the place that heaven knows on the evening of his death my shoulders felt a brushing breath cold […]

Dreamer – Toni Childs

can’t stop, stop the breathing can’t stop, stop these tears for you my dear don’t know why it’s so bad this life’s been so bad I’m glad I finally found you here you’re the voice of a dream I had you’re the voice and I’m so glad you’re the weight of a dream of a […]

House Of Hope – Toni Childs

children cry they’re the future of our time will they hold us to blame for all the things we’ve turned away I don’t like what I see now I don’t like where we’re going I don’t like it, no you and I, we’re getting older now you and I, who will show them if we […]

Put This Fire Out – Toni Childs

and I still do when I’m feeling blue fearful that my struggle with life will never end help me please to stop this fear in motion these circles turn me someone help me put this fire out yes they hurt me yes they turn me someone help me put this fire out running, I am […]

Three Days – Toni Childs

it seems it’s like a bad day on the hill I stand and stare away hoping for a brighter day and I stand staring there and I stand staring there today I feel the rain fall upon my face and wash away the things I feel inside turmoil is what moves the tides and I […]