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Waiting For The Light To Change – Tonic

Brazen is love’s redeemer When you have so far to go It loves the true believer For the innocence they own Life is good Life is grand When you’re sittin’ on top of the world Life is good when its in your hands And nobody can change your world I’m just waiting for the light […]

Open Up Your Eyes – Tonic

Big enough to drag me down Where I am… People’s voice’s make hollow sounds Just be quiet… They’ll go away Open up your eyes… Don’t let your mind tell the story here Open up your eyes… Just let me go It’s so safe… It’s so safe floating in the glass While above… While above all […]

Mr. Golden Deal – Tonic

Make way for the new bride Holding your tongue When they call another winner Oh there is more to this life Hey Mr. Golden Deal Tell me how does she feel She’s like the wind That boy couldn’t sail He says I’ve washed these decks for years I’ve carried those pails And oh there is […]

Sugar – Tonic

You’re looking like you need a rescue Underneath the southern moonlight Where only I can find you We can do it with our eyes closed We can sit and talk for hours Underneath the golden flowers Where my sunshine grows Sugar my love Sugar my burn Sugar may hide Sugar may learn I could give […]

Casual Affair – Tonic

In the world today You say it’s all about the passion And the wars you wage I’m not saying I’m one for violence But it keeps me hangin’ on It’s a casual affair When everybody loves you Oh they’ll pay top dollar Make you wear the dog collar When everybody loves you I said I’m […]

Queen – Tonic

All barter for the clean They all wait in their plastic lines To find what color means Cause they all wanna be queen And you do know what I mean Cause they all wanna be queen And you do know what I mean I spoke to a girl by the backdoor She said she’d do […]