Performer TONIC

Sunflower – Tonic

To watch over you from up high When the wind blows I will kiss you like sunshine Stealing pieces from […]

Bigot Sunshine – Tonic

And small waters Carry me back home Small minds Stand protected under bigot sunshine I’m not alone But I’m far […]

Soldier’s Daughter – Tonic

That says to me This isn’t over From the outside looking in You see there’s nothing sacred here Nothing sacred […]

Celtic Aggression – Tonic

Somebody spit in a little boy’s face Somebody said you robbed my homeland Somebody got the wrong impression So we […]

Mountain – Tonic

She She came down From the mountain And I I stood my ground On the mountain Like a fire I’m […]

My Old Man – Tonic

Don’t see eye to eye We take our walks outside Underneath the birch trees He said I think it’s gonna […]

Drag Me Down – Tonic

hard for me to bare Because within them was the promise of a life that just wasn’t there You’re not […]

Top Falls Down – Tonic

Killing communication Any pride is pointless In these situations So she’s gonna find a rider Because she can’t love a […]

Thick – Tonic

Fly with me On your love she will depend Fly with me, my Love When you’re down, feeling low Not […]

Love A Diamond – Tonic

Who loves a diamond And holds it softly In the palm of his hand Keeps it warm And holds it […]

Wicked Soldier – Tonic

Oh tell the tale of the wicked man Oh tell the tale of the wicked soldier Oh tell the tale […]

Mean To Me – Tonic

A place that keeps my heart out on it’s own A disconnected function of my wretchedness That keeps me so […]

Knock Down Walls – Tonic

Saying everything was fine Dressed up like a wife of a life I’ll never have It’s so easy to fool […]

Open Up Your Eyes – Tonic

Big enough to drag me down Where I am… People’s voice’s make hollow sounds Just be quiet… They’ll go away […]

Mr. Golden Deal – Tonic

Make way for the new bride Holding your tongue When they call another winner Oh there is more to this […]

Sugar – Tonic

You’re looking like you need a rescue Underneath the southern moonlight Where only I can find you We can do […]

Casual Affair – Tonic

In the world today You say it’s all about the passion And the wars you wage I’m not saying I’m […]

Queen – Tonic

All barter for the clean They all wait in their plastic lines To find what color means Cause they all […]