Performer TONY BANKS

The Gift – Tony Banks

Keep on pushing it will give tonight And I don’t care if it takes me long It really doesn’t matter […]

For A While – Tony Banks

Away to I don’t know where. I might be back someday, But the people and things will change And no […]

Raincloud – Tony Banks

And tears seem the likely solution Try to shelter from the storm Who knows what tomorrow might bring Now the […]

The Border – Tony Banks

Unbelieving she looks up from the unswept floor You don’t have to go you don’t have to tell me All […]

Angel Face – Tony Banks

Does your comforter provide Are you ready to remain evermore in your world of ice All your feelings all locked […]

By You – Tony Banks

A growl of thunder turns my head round, I see one face in the crowd, Like a beacon in the […]

Lucky Me – Tony Banks

And my job you could call mean But I like the work and I do it well That’s enough for […]

Moving Under – Tony Banks

To be cornered and yet to survive, The jester performed, with his body he scorned, With his voice he amused, […]

The Lie – Tony Banks

A boy is observed on his own who is watching and playing. He’s just made a pact with himself, If […]

You – Tony Banks

Your eyes, or the colour of your hair. It seems to me you grow more beautiful In every way. With […]

Big Man – Tony Banks

He’s kissed his title goodbye run far away He’s gone to ground in some hole – I don’t know where […]

Throwback – Tony Banks

But you don’t know I walk amongst you every day I don’t need moonlight Or any secret word to make […]

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