I Wanna Be Around (feat. Bono) – Tony Bennett

When somebody breaks your heart Some somebody twice as smart as I A somebody who will swear to be true As you used to do with me Who’ll leave you to learn That mis’ry loves company, wait and see I mean, I wanna be around to see how he does it When he breaks your […]

The Shadow Of Your Smile (feat. Juanes) – Tony Bennett

One day in early spring You held a piper in your hand To mend its broken wing Now I’ll remember many a day And many a lonely mile The echo of a piper’s song The shadow of a smile The shadow of your smile When you are gone Will color all my dreams And light […]

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (feat. Sting) – Tony Bennett

The boulevard of broken dreams Where gigolo and gigolette Can take a kiss without regret So they forget their broken dreams You laugh tonight and cry tomorrow When you behold your shattered schemes Gigolo and gigolette Wake up to find their eyes are wet With tears that tell of broken dreams Here is where you’ll […]