Should I Stay – Tonya Mitchell

Hey, yeah, yeah You whisper sweet words in my ear trying all you favorite lines But boy you gotta know I don’t have time for puppy love and valentines Do you know what it means when you say that you want to be with me? Should I stay or should I go? Should I stop […]

I Cry Real Tears – Tonya Mitchell

The way you talk down to me Oh, baby And didn’t anybody ever teach you To act more respectfully I’m telling you that I’m only human, too Don’t you realize Look at my face What do you see in my eyes When a part of me just dies I cry real tears I have real […]

A Little Too Late – Tonya Mitchell

its too late No one wanted to believe it more then me I thought you were so true I ain’t coming back, you’ll see You did me wrong and I won’t be your fool Tired of always losing sleep wondering where you were last night but baby, it aint no mystery, I’m giving you up […]

I Don’t Wanna Fall In Love – Tonya Mitchell

Who needs those words to say Who wants to give their heart To watch love fade away Cause I made up my mind I didnt wanna know Why should i find a love That isnt here to stay I wasnt waiting until you came along And now i need you to tell me where my […]

A Place Like This – Tonya Mitchell

I’ve got somebody waiting at home Someone who gives me love like I’ve never known So won’t you tell me what am I doing? Chasing Shadows in some dark hotel room I won’t lie and say I’m proud of myself, but lately I’ve been acting like somebody else I know that I should walk out […]