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Jimmy – Tool

The face of your own stability Suddenly look away Leaving you with the dead and hopeless? Eleven and she was gone. Eleven is when we waved good-bye. Eleven is standing still, Waiting for me to free him By coming home. Moving me with a sound. Opening me within a gesture. Drawing me down and in, […]

Ticks & Leeches – Tool

suckin up all you can suckin up all you can suck and suck workin up under my patience like a little tick fat little parasite suck me dry my fruit is bruised and borrowed you thieving bastards you have turned my blood cold and bitter beat my compassion black and blue hope this is what […]

Reflection – Tool

beneath my self-induldgent pitiful hole defeated, i conceded move closer i may find comfort here i may find peace within the emptiness, come closer it’s calling me (X4) and in my darkest moment feeble and weeping the moon tells me a secret, a confidant as full and bright as i am this light is not […]