Category: TOOL

Lateralis – Tool

red and yellow then came to be, reaching out to me lets me see as below, so above and beyond, i imagine drawn beyond the lines of reason push the envelope watch it bend over thinking, over analyzing separates the body from the mind withering my intuition, missing opportunities and i must feed my will […]

Die Eier Von Satan – Tool

Ein Viertel Teelvffel Salz Eine Messerspitze tьrkisches Haschisch Ein halbes Pfund Butter Ein Teelьffel Vanillenzucker Ein halbes Pfund Mehl Einhundertfьnfzig Gramm gemahlene Nьsse Ein wenig echter Staubzucker … und keine Eier In eine Schьssel geben Butter einrьhren Gemahlene Nьsse zugeben und Den Teig verkneten AugenballgroЯe Stьcke vom Teig formen Im Staubzucker wdlzen und Sagt die […]

Jerk-Off – Tool

that there’s a right and wrong, and that punishment would come to those who dare to cross the line. But it must not be true for jerk-offs like you. Maybe it takes longer to catch a total asshole. but I’m tired of waiting. Maybe it’s just bullshit and I should play GOD, and shoot you […]

Jimmy – Tool

The face of your own stability Suddenly look away Leaving you with the dead and hopeless? Eleven and she was gone. Eleven is when we waved good-bye. Eleven is standing still, Waiting for me to free him By coming home. Moving me with a sound. Opening me within a gesture. Drawing me down and in, […]

Ticks & Leeches – Tool

suckin up all you can suckin up all you can suck and suck workin up under my patience like a little tick fat little parasite suck me dry my fruit is bruised and borrowed you thieving bastards you have turned my blood cold and bitter beat my compassion black and blue hope this is what […]

Reflection – Tool

beneath my self-induldgent pitiful hole defeated, i conceded move closer i may find comfort here i may find peace within the emptiness, come closer it’s calling me (X4) and in my darkest moment feeble and weeping the moon tells me a secret, a confidant as full and bright as i am this light is not […]