Performer TORI AMOS

Me And A Gun – Tori Amos

I’m still up an drivin’ can’t go home obviously. So I’ll just change direction ’cause they’ll soon know where I […]

Northern Lad – Tori Amos

He moved like the sunset, God who painted that. First he loved my accent. How his knees could bend. I […]

Time – Tori Amos

And the shadow boys are breaking all the laws. You’re east of East St. Louis, and the wind is making […]

I I E E E – Tori Amos

Ya lie die… ya da da da die… ya da… da da die… With your E’s and your ease and […]

Witness – Tori Amos

Thought I had a witness Thought we were on the same side of becoming Then the judges called in a […]

Toast – Tori Amos

The way the light rose Rose that morning Lately you’ve been on my mind You showed me the rope Ropes […]

Pancake – Tori Amos

I’m not sure who’s fooling who here, As I’m watching your decay. We both know you could deflate a seven […]

Big Wheel – Tori Amos

Got my lips smacked now they’re dry Then you call me call me in You think I am your possession […]

New Age – Tori Amos

Waiting for the phone to ring, lipstick on my neck and shoulder. It seems to be my fancy, to make […]

Hotel – Tori Amos

Tell me that he’s missing. Tell me this one is for Lollipop Gestapo. You were wild, where are you now? […]

Lust – Tori Amos

through the grain of gold tripping at your door is that you. alpha in her blood and when the woman […]

Hoochie Woman – Tori Amos

Hoochie Woman Hoochie Woman Hoochie Woman I wasn’t thinking My head was in the book His hands were on her […]

Bliss – Tori Amos

Wonder if I will wonder out, test my tether to see if I’m still free from you. Steady as it […]

Talula – Tori Amos

Balancing cake an’ bread. Say ‘goodbye’ to a glitter girl (hee). Talula, Talula, you don’t want to lose her (hee). […]

Bug A Martini – Tori Amos

And as you wander Through perfume And pathways Your version coercion My version elixir of quietude Line up the dots […]

Virginia – Tori Amos

‘Cause they knew when the white brother found, White shell beads wrapped around her skin- A life giving river – […]

Amber Waves – Tori Amos

He fixed you up real good ’til I don’t know you anymore. From ballet class to a lap dance straight […]

Real Men – Tori Amos

Sometime when it always seemed to be just us and them. Girls that wore pink, boys that wore blue, Boys […]

Posse Bonus – Tori Amos

This is your extra This is your posse bonus Because I like you This is your posse bonus This is […]

Honey – Tori Amos

Sometimes i can hold my tongue, sometimes not, When you just skip-to-loo, my darlin’, And you know what you’re doin’ […]

Mr. Zebra – Tori Amos

Can I have you sweater ’cause it’s cold, cold, cold in my hole, hole, hole. Ratatouille Strychnine – sometimes she’s […]

Ireland – Tori Amos

On my way to Ireland It’s been a long time It’s been a long time Drivin’ with my friends On […]

The Big Picture – Tori Amos

Caught my boyfriend lookin’ at another slender pair of thighs. Gotta make more money. Gotta get, gotta get there faster […]

Concertina – Tori Amos

i’m not policing what you think and dream i run into your thought from across the room just another trick […]

Suede – Tori Amos

there are days i feel your twin peekaboo hiding underneath your skin jets. are revving yes revving and this. has […]

Suede – Tori Amos

there are days i feel your twin peekaboo hiding underneath your skin jets. are revving yes revving and this. has […]

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