Performer TOTAL

Do Something – Total

Rap by Mocha: Boy I owe you none, you a phoney son, You ain’t the only one, you a lonely […]

Don’t Ever Change – Total

How many times have you seen me looking so happy, You’ll never understand. In time you’ll see how much you […]

No One Else – Total

Verse 1: There you are, looking at me, Tell me what you want this to be. It could be everything […]

I Tried – Total

I feel so bad, Been loving my home girl’s man, I tried, I swear I tried. And it’s so sad […]

Rain – Total

It’s gonna rain, oh yeah, Come on in for the night. It’s gonna rain, oh yeah, Come on in and […]

Press Rewind – Total

Intro: I think you need to think back, When we were sexin’ each other. Tell me what you wanna do, […]

When Boy Meets Girl – Total

Baby I can’t figure it out, Your kiss is just like honey. (Repeat throughout song) Chorus: You can’t deny what […]

I Don’t Wanna – Total

I tore up the pictures, All the memories of you, ‘Cause I don’t wanna remember, All the pain you’re putting […]

Kissin’You – Total

Don’t matter who knows, I don’t care who sees, Me thinking about you, Makes my life complete. And what I […]

Someone Like You – Total

I’ve been looking for someone like you, Oh, tell me you’re the one. (Repeat x2) Verse One: I never knew […]

Rock Track – Total

Meet me in the hotel lobby, I heard you’re looking for a freak. Me and you kissin’ in the elevators, […]

Move Too Fast – Total

I break your bones and your bristles, Get high like a missile, Blow ’em like a whistle. Buck my thangs […]

Tell Me – Total

I like that. That’s right. We gon’ smooth it out a little bit, For all you players out there. And […]

Sitting Home – Total

Sitting home waiting for you, ‘Cause staring at these walls is all I do. I try my best to be […]

Do You Know? – Total

Do you know, you put me under, I start to wonder, how do you know? How I feel when you’re […]

Trippin’ – Total

Intro by Puffy: Bad Boy ninety-eight, Total, Kima, Keisha, Pam. Missy, talk to me, yeah, yeah yeah. Rap by Missy: […]