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You Are The Flower – Toto

And “;old man time”; always pulls you through It’s better not to depend on the morning dew For the rose […]

Wings Of Time – Toto

A prisoner of darkness, I let you down my friend A heart left abandoned takes so long to heal its […]

Live For Today – Toto

Babe, I’ve got to have you but you’re never ever, ever there Hey, the game is over, give it up […]

Goodbye Elenore – Toto

And she say, “;No, no, no, no, no”; I wanna squeeze her tight and not offend her, yeah She said, […]

Lovers In The Night – Toto

You know she’s gonna make you cry, you know she’s gonna make you cry She’ll have you walk beneath the […]

Lion – Toto

We were headed for disaster Woke up, I got ready for work You weren’t around I was fast, but you […]

Gypsy Train – Toto

It’s no problem, this is whatcha gotta do Telephone your baby, tell her that you’re workin’ late Come and pay […]

Endless – Toto

It’s a miracle that you’ve found me I can’t fool myself any longer We’re both willing, young and able Let’s […]

Only The Children – Toto

No understanding or reason, just fear and confusion instead We need hope for the future, and the young need a […]

The Other Side – Toto

It’s only getting stronger, the love I feel for you, it’s no mystery I’ve got to find some way to […]

Selfish – Toto

That’s how it ends (You go from) heartache to heartache As you make amends (Just) bigger and bigger But two […]

Carmen – Toto

Left a letter by the telephone She didn’t take the time to say goodbye He knows he has to find […]

High Price Of Hate – Toto

As you gaze from your meaningless throne And the pain that you’ve been selling I’d rather die before I’d own […]

Holyanna – Toto

You better put on a dress And get your feet back on the ground You fix your eyes For some […]

Pamela – Toto

Rain or shine, any kind of weather There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you Let’s take what’s getting old […]

Miss Sun – Toto

Guess you got me in a spell But I think that I’l be all right Even if I don’t get […]

How Many Times – Toto

And it seems that your life doesn’t matter, you never had a chance How many ways is a love torn […]

Out Of Love – Toto

You made me fall in love with you, the dance of lovers takes two Somehow the music stopped, and so […]

English Eyes – Toto

I hear playin’ and everybody’s keepin’ time I’m recallin’ that girl I met in London town She was strange, young […]

I Will Remember – Toto

And I don’t understand how all this has come to pass How we’ve come to surround ourselves in a sea […]

Africa – Toto

But she hears only whispers of some quiet conversation She’s coming in 12:30 flight The moonlit wings reflect the stars […]

Only You – Toto

I close my eyes and I see your face, and I see it all fading away Woke up before you […]

Anna – Toto

Anna don’t turn me down, there’s still a chance if we can hold out once more ‘Cause we started out […]

Lea – Toto

Only for you – I cared – my love I’ve given it hope, and I know it’s only you Encased […]

Melanie – Toto

Empty endless road, a thousand miles to go Midnight five million thoughts are passing in a row Will you still […]

Drag Him To The Roof – Toto

A cathode glaze across their eyes Now that I’ve been betrayed I must be well behaved… I’ll drink corruption with […]

Goin’ Home – Toto

Don’t know if I’m going the right way I haven’t seen a single sign for miles All this stormy weather […]

Goin’ Home – Toto

Don’t know if I’m going the right way I haven’t seen a single sign for miles All this stormy weather […]

Love Has The Power – Toto

Some people get the kicks out of throwing bricks at me No real reason, just jealousy Angry words and bad […]

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