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Manuela Run – Toto

It’s a long hard road and they will spit you out When they get through with you Don’t hang your […]

Fahrenheit – Toto

Find out what your people are sayin’ Feel the heat – in the street Find out what the people are […]

One Road – Toto

I’m stranded…In the heartland, or so it seems I’m hitching a ride for a chance at the good life I’ll […]

You Got Me – Toto

She said, don’t you let just anybody talk to you, no no no I can’t hide the way you make […]

99 – Toto

I’ve been waiting so long Oh 99 Where did we go wrong Oh 99 I love you 99 I keep […]

Lorraine – Toto

So tell me if they’re true Oh I would die for you Knowing that you’re mine You tell me that […]

Gift Of Faith – Toto

Does it have to be this way? Brought up on hypocrisy the seeds they sow don’t last forever They just […]

Tale Of A Man – Toto

Since I heard you Girl, I cannot bring myself To ask you why It’s a fact that your not here […]

A Thousand Years – Toto

The air has changed, it’s getting harder to breathe, or so it would seem Sail me away to a distant […]

Turn Back – Toto

Born of the sand washed ashore on a tear Time wrote the lines on his face like a scroll Love […]

Mad About You – Toto

Something I must do I planned it all this way Designed it just for you Do you wanna be with […]

Cruel – Toto

That’s the reason For how you feel Considerin’ what you’ve done so far I’m rather amazed At where you are […]

Till The End – Toto

Let’s lay it on the line All the things were missin’ Look I just came back to town Drink that […]

Mama – Toto

Money’s Got me crawlin’ on the floor Lover I’m so ashamed that I must go Funny Somehow I thought by […]

Mr. Friendly – Toto

I can’t hear a single word you say Enough of your intimidation Don’t tell me ’bout the price I pay […]

We Made It – Toto

I could feel your heart break into a hundred pieces We were too torn apart, now it seems so senseless […]

These Chains – Toto

Been too long, what went wrong? It’s a mystery Why you ever walked out that door What direction should I […]

Takin’ It Back – Toto

Lies will turn a heart into stone, few would have known me if they dared ‘Cause I’m takin’ it back […]

Somewhere Tonight – Toto

And it feels good passing time You tell yourself it’s casual But they have something else in mind You try […]

Hydra – Toto

He walked around Searching for the girl who had just caught his eye “;I was a fool!”; he cried His […]

Last Love – Toto

If I asked you to stay with me forever But forever’s in too soon The touch of your hand And […]

On The Run – Toto

Before you blink you better find out who’s in your path Pressure’s building up on every side In my heart […]

On The Run – Toto

Before you blink you better find out who’s in your path Pressure’s building up on every side In my heart […]

Stop Loving You – Toto

My heart is racing and the night goes on I can almost hear a laugh, coming from your photograph Funny […]

Never Enough – Toto

It doesn’t seem like there’s much that a man can do They try to sell the earth on a wild […]

Slipped Away – Toto

There’s ice in your embrace In your dance of indecision I see the anger in yor face A little drink […]

Angela – Toto

Somewhere she weeps, her hair gently brushes the floor I know my way, I know that I’ll find her somehow […]

Isolation – Toto

I feel a cold wind blowin’, my future looks black You left me here and you’ve taken all my yesterdays […]

Make Believe – Toto

Why don’t we make believe we’re in love again Who said the crimson moon doesn’t shine Where do people go […]

Georgy Porgy – Toto

I’m not so systematic, it’s just that I’m an addict for your love Not the only one that holds you, […]

In A Word – Toto

I am the one who’s wrong You might be surprised Time standin’ still – seems like we don’t belong You’ll […]

Mindfields – Toto

so silent in disguise And every time he looks your way you see it in his eyes Like a window […]

Girl Goodbye – Toto

And I’m looking for the Lord in New York City Yeah I’m out on the run, got some heat, got […]

Rockmaker – Toto

Can you tell that it’s me, or is my picture on torn out pages? Chorus: And you think it’s real, […]

Animal – Toto

Predestination by appointment, storybook realities are coming true I was scared, you look so helpless, the lust was dressed in […]

Baby He’s Your Man – Toto

You’re just getting in Soon you’ll be creepin’ into bed Later you’ll pretend You were out with a friend But […]

Change Of Heart – Toto

Are you forgetting all the damage that I’ve done Are you waiting, contemplating why you changed your mind Can’t push […]

Better World – Toto

The things we believed Are no longer true ‘Cause we’re older now So much wiser than before The pain that […]

Mushanga – Toto

The days of waiting, they keep getting longer, and not a thing I can do I was a poet, a […]

2 Hearts – Toto

The house was empty, your pictures gone I knew you’d come back one day, our love was so strong The […]

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