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Mad About You – Toto

Something I must do I planned it all this way Designed it just for you Do you wanna be with me Be with me at all Do you have to be so cool? Your gentle touch maneuvered me But all the time I always knew I’m really mad about you There’s nothing bad about our […]

Love Is A Man’s World – Toto

And I find that she took half the blood that I own And it pains me to think about wasting way the years So I’ll just wash this dirty whiskey glass with my tears Love is a man’s world Love is a man’s world Love is a man’s world It’s a crime the way we’ve […]

Cruel – Toto

That’s the reason For how you feel Considerin’ what you’ve done so far I’m rather amazed At where you are Lift your head up, baby Pull yourself together Nothing’s worse than dying slow There’s no reason, darlin’, Reason whatsoever That we can’t end this game of touch and go Chorus It’s such a cruel world […]

Till The End – Toto

Let’s lay it on the line All the things were missin’ Look I just came back to town Drink that green dragon down It’s time for me talk and you to listen I know my heart, I know it well Bet your analyst forgot to ask that question We’re at the start and time will […]

Mama – Toto

Money’s Got me crawlin’ on the floor Lover I’m so ashamed that I must go Funny Somehow I thought by now you’d know Chorus: Girl you’d better take my hand And say what you mean to say (And she said) “;Stay as long as you can But don’t wait till you’re thrown away.”; Mama Please […]

Mr. Friendly – Toto

I can’t hear a single word you say Enough of your intimidation Don’t tell me ’bout the price I pay Take off don’t want your kind of trouble Don’t wanna see you hangin’ ’round my place It’s late and here’s the situation I never wanna see your face You just drag me down And I’ve […]

We Can Make It Tonight – Toto

Gotta know — the time has come to follow through Drive straight through the night Just hold on — we can make it home before daylight There’s a voice inside you And you know it can’t be wrong So break away from this pain, girl We’ve held out much too long Chorus: We can make […]

We Made It – Toto

I could feel your heart break into a hundred pieces We were too torn apart, now it seems so senseless And if we’re clever, we’ll put it together, it may be forever Chorus: We made it, made it, made it before, I know that we can make it again We made it, made it, made […]

These Chains – Toto

Been too long, what went wrong? It’s a mystery Why you ever walked out that door What direction should I go? Girl what’s next for me, I don’t know Chorus: Is it gonna get easier than tryin’ to break these chains around my heart Ohhh ohhh Does it ever get easier, without you I can’t […]

Takin’ It Back – Toto

Lies will turn a heart into stone, few would have known me if they dared ‘Cause I’m takin’ it back where it all began The house on the cape, the place on the sand I’d take it all back if it’d just make you understand Girl how I’ve tried to forget you, now it would […]

Somewhere Tonight – Toto

And it feels good passing time You tell yourself it’s casual But they have something else in mind You try to make some reason A voice calls out from across the room She runs away without an answer She runs away too soon Chorus: Somewhere tonight Someone’s crying Somewhere tonight Someone’s crying Somewhere tonight Someone’s […]

Hydra – Toto

He walked around Searching for the girl who had just caught his eye “;I was a fool!”; he cried His mind had wandered He blinked and the sky moved e’er so slightly He searched the city and she was nowhere to be found Meanwhile she was floating downward, downward Chorus: Do you want your freedom […]

Last Love – Toto

If I asked you to stay with me forever But forever’s in too soon The touch of your hand And the look in your eyes are the only things I know I know that are true We only have this life To forgive and forget But the only thing that matters Is we have no […]

Caught In The Balance – Toto

Oh it seems so long ago The cuts run deep But the scars still show I live in the shadows Where it’s been so hard to grow I’m still a servant in a nobleman’s robes You know my weakness girl you know my kind You helped me see when I was blind Chorus It’s a […]

On The Run – Toto

Before you blink you better find out who’s in your path Pressure’s building up on every side In my heart I know that I’ve got nothing to hide What makes you think that you’re the only one Now I know my troubles have just begun Chorus: I’m on the run, nobody’s stopping me I’m on […]

On The Run – Toto

Before you blink you better find out who’s in your path Pressure’s building up on every side In my heart I know that I’ve got nothing to hide What makes you think that you’re the only one Now I know my troubles have just begun Chorus: I’m on the run, nobody’s stopping me I’m on […]

Stop Loving You – Toto

My heart is racing and the night goes on I can almost hear a laugh, coming from your photograph Funny how a look can share a thousand meanings Well-intended lies, contemplating alibies Is it really you, or is it me I’m blaming A distant memory flashes over me Even though you’re gone, I feel you […]

Kick Down The Walls – Toto

Took the low road to the highground, had to feel it in my bones Everybody wants some heaven, but nobody wants to die It’s been brought to my attention You’ll be dead a long time, now ain’t that a crime Chorus: Kick down the walls, shake down the building, help me bust out of this […]

Never Enough – Toto

It doesn’t seem like there’s much that a man can do They try to sell the earth on a wild crusade Then complain about not bein’ paid How can some people have the nerve, hell hasn’t froze but it’s on the verge It’s gone way past the point of greed, how many lifetimes will we […]

Slipped Away – Toto

There’s ice in your embrace In your dance of indecision I see the anger in yor face A little drink to help my vision A little something for the pain There’s no drug for my condition There’s no sweetness in the taste. Tell me where the ride’s gonna lead you Do I have to pay […]

Angela – Toto

Somewhere she weeps, her hair gently brushes the floor I know my way, I know that I’ll find her somehow Chorus: Angela carries me back to the time When I knew that her love was still mine Angela’s holding the child in her womb And I pray that she will be calling soon Cold moon, […]

Isolation – Toto

I feel a cold wind blowin’, my future looks black You left me here and you’ve taken all my yesterdays I guess to stand alone is the price that I pay Now look what you’ve done to me Because we just disagree I’m out here alone and it’s you that I’m waiting for Can’t go […]

Just Can’t Get To You – Toto

Just to talk to you again Please don’t run away this time Until I say what’s on my mind. Tonight I need to stay with you This time I’m not passing through Tear down the walls around your heart And though I know it’s who you are… I just can’t get to you girl Oh […]

Make Believe – Toto

Why don’t we make believe we’re in love again Who said the crimson moon doesn’t shine Where do people go when they’re lookin’ for that one of a kind Why don’t we make believe that we’re sorry Why must we hold it all inside Where do lovers go when they’re runnin’ and there’s no place […]

Georgy Porgy – Toto

I’m not so systematic, it’s just that I’m an addict for your love Not the only one that holds you, I never ever should have told you You’re my only girl I’m not the only one that holds you, I never ever should have told you You’re my only world Just think how long I’ve […]

In A Word – Toto

I am the one who’s wrong You might be surprised Time standin’ still – seems like we don’t belong You’ll realize Start giving to me all you can Stop telling me girl just where I stand Chorus: It’s your turn you should show what you know to me One I’ve not heard before My concern […]

The Other End Of Time – Toto

When we lose all we’ve cared for The hunger and thirst for love that endures is never ending. What will I do with my life? Try to share it with somebody new? And how can I learn to disguise that I’m lost without you. All I have left is a heart full of mirrors A […]

Mindfields – Toto

so silent in disguise And every time he looks your way you see it in his eyes Like a window to the storm he just invades your paradise Don’t you buy what he is selling it’s just lies… When he says… these hearts are willing Story goes… these dreams are free Only takes a moment […]

Girl Goodbye – Toto

And I’m looking for the Lord in New York City Yeah I’m out on the run, got some heat, got a gun If they don’t find me soon, it’ll be a damn pity So it’s Chorus: Goodbye girl, goodbye girl, girl goodbye It’s so hard to see the truth with the sun in your eyes […]

Rockmaker – Toto

Can you tell that it’s me, or is my picture on torn out pages? Chorus: And you think it’s real, but it’s just another future deal And you know you’re right, ’cause you’ve waited for it all night Then you find yourself, sitting on a little shelf Don’t know quite what to do, I’ve been […]

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