Performer TOYA

Bounce – Toya

You peepin’ me Stressin’ me Sweatin’ me Why won’t you let it be Move on Keep rollin’ on Stop touchin’ […]

Untouchables – Toya

G-shock goes off in the early morn See I wake up fly no make-up on Check my 2way pager just […]

Book Of Love – Toya

My guy fly guy Only half the man I need So I take him, shape him Make him rethink His […]

I Do – Toya

He was a 6 foot stallion said a story book thug He was the kind that made u wonder how […]

Moving On – Toya

Not seeing your face I just began to stop setting your place And I stop longing for your warm embrace […]

Fiasco – Toya

I was in love wit him since I was 12 By age 14 I was just catchin’ hell He was […]

How Can I Be Down – Toya

I’m lovin’ it Your attitude, the way you move The things you do, I’m feelin’ you Icy wrist, Platinumist Your […]

The Truth – Toya

Dealing with her But instead you tried to play me Like I had all your love Everytime I asked you […]

I Messed Up – Toya

Neglected you, disrespected you I hated you I only knew I had no clue of who she was to you […]

Think – Toya

See I know, you think I’m kind of naive (no, no, no not me) You try to run your circles […]

I Do Pt. 2 – Toya

I stepped on the spot out my CLK Just dropped some dollars Cop some Prada Cuz I just got paid […]

Don’t Make Me – Toya

We need to have a talk you and me Who this girl name Shante’ 389-9438 Does that ring a bell […]