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Bye Bye Baby – TQ

At nite I can’t seem 2 get no sleep Addicted 2 indo and hennessee I’m stressed homes, got my vest on Lets hit da streets it’s time 2 put da west on Friday nite and Im chillin wit my baby in a black 600 Lorenzo’s on it And I’m.. all up on them thighs, smokin […]

Daily – TQ

As soon as I get out the bed There’s always something going on To drive me crazy I try to keep from going insane But I can’t help but gripe and complain ‘Bout what I’m gonna do? This type of shit be happening daily I water my grass Just to take a load off It’s […]

Been A Long Time – TQ

Been A Long Time The Second Coming yeah been a long time I’m sittinhere waitin wonderinand thinkin’bout our life where we gonna end up so many of them don’t understand how this thing goes you can only take so much sometimes I’m feelinlike I had enough for all the times I feel like you’re not […]

Gotta Make That Money – TQ

Mmmmm, yeah Yeah yeah Mm, no no no no Seems like every night, right before I go to sleep I say a little prayer to the Lord that he keep me I used to be the kind of nigga that didn’t give a fuck about nobody The slightest little thing would make me mad Especially […]

How Can I Be Down? – TQ

[Ja Rule] Yo, yo, Ja Rule, TQ, BABY You ain’t gotta sneak and creep Around no more You was my freakiest whore Now you be dealing with broads In my CL five double O on the DL Hollerin’ ’bout you hangin’ with the females Shit I just wanna be down Can I eat? So to […]

One Day – TQ

The Game what you make of It is what you can take from it Understand Whatever your hustling is Get it on my nigger Even when it’s wrong my nigger You heard I heard a story About 23 years old And I heard it from somebody That I used to know Spendin’ days lonely With […]