Performer TQ

Come Again (Intro) – TQ

I hope your blessin’ Cos lord I’m missing And I wish I could did something with it It’s time for […]

LiteSkinFreckleFace – TQ

(Yeah, this is for my…) This one right here goes out to my favorite girl Me? I call her LiteSkinFreckleFace […]

Paradise – TQ

I kinda wanna drive lexuses Sit back and live life high With the best of shit With a frist full […]

Your Sister – TQ

I’m ’bout to tell you some shit, that’s gon’ fuck you up That’s real, y’ ain’t gon’ like it Well, […]

SummerTime – TQ

Too much mo the nite before, Mail lady at my front door With a big booty and a cheque for […]

Remembermelinda – TQ

I’m just sittin’ smokin’ weed and looking at some old pictures From mom’s house of when I was a young […]

The One – TQ

Gonna sing you this song Yeah yeah, baby I’ve never been that kind of nigga To write a love song, […]

I Get Around – TQ

Last week in Atlanta I met her at the FreakNik In a black truck with a short haircut & a […]

The Come Back – TQ

3 months re-habilitating finally got my weight back up She told me “;I’m gonna pray to God that you’ll be […]

Better Days – TQ

All of the crazy things that we’ve been through And my mama she told me there were gonna be days […]

Superbitches – TQ

Every long time ago From my brother Nal Brawl came lifting your paper Got to go I think about it […]

Darlin’ Mary – TQ

So your all in my mind Let me tell you what your seeing What seems so hard to find Just […]

Hard Life – TQ

Introducing the hard life As if you all ain’t know about it Just another one of them ghetto things Hard […]

The Grind – TQ

[TQ] I often dream of bad days And different times And I just don’t know a better way For me […]

When I Get Out – TQ

[TQ] Been in here about a year Never thought the game would take me under I’m ’bout to get my […]

Best Friend – TQ

You almost drove me crazy Something ’bout ya had me goin’ (But it wasn’t like my girlfriend) As I commenced […]

G. H. E. T. T. O. – TQ

G-H-E-T-T-O This is how you start one Where you started from On a mission to check No doubt, got that […]

Thugz Women – TQ

I ainЎЇt tryЎЇn be your pain. But I just got a couple things to explain to you. Before I get […]

Ride On – TQ

the way I give mine and what you describe well let me tell u like this when I didnЎЇt have […]

One More Lick – TQ

Big Tray Deee up in here Layin’ fools down wit the homie TQ I gots to do this for my […]

Westside – TQ

To the whole wide Westside Know what I’m sayin’? Yeah Break it down for me Steady Mobbin (Rock) rock on […]

Hold It Down – TQ

[TQ – Intro] KB, Vandalz (yeah yeah yeah) ‘Bout mine Y’all know how we do it Yeah (’bout mine) This […]

Bye Bye Baby – TQ

At nite I can’t seem 2 get no sleep Addicted 2 indo and hennessee I’m stressed homes, got my vest […]

Daily – TQ

As soon as I get out the bed There’s always something going on To drive me crazy I try to […]

Been A Long Time – TQ

Been A Long Time The Second Coming yeah been a long time I’m sittinhere waitin wonderinand thinkin’bout our life where […]

How Can I Be Down? – TQ

[Ja Rule] Yo, yo, Ja Rule, TQ, BABY You ain’t gotta sneak and creep Around no more You was my […]

One Day – TQ

The Game what you make of It is what you can take from it Understand Whatever your hustling is Get […]