Southern Hallelujah – Trace Adkins

I’m gonna preach you now brothers & sisters, listen… Northern dolls, pretty please Dot their I’s and cross their T’s Black skirt, high heels, show you no pity Sunshine smile, Pacific Gals Got the DNA mojo know-how Yes, man, they can make you so dizzy Made out of Heaven’s grand design It’s right there across […]

Rough & Ready – Trace Adkins

Mudgrips – white-tip Cigar stickin’ out of my face Earnhardt racing sticker on the window Banged up fender 4×4 – straight pipe roar Primer and rust all over the door Scarred up knuckles, Mack belt buckle White t-shirt – Ain’t afraid to work Got a “what-are-you-looking-at-asshole” smirk Cold beer, hot wings Wranglers, Skoal ring Get […]

Fightin’ Words – Trace Adkins

Everyone knows I’m the hard workin’ peace lovin’ type I walk a thousand miles out of my way Just to keep from a fight Poke fun at the way that I talk Or this hat that I wear You can say what you want about me See if I care But one slip of the […]

Nothin’ But Taillights – Trace Adkins

She used to sit in the passenger seat Tappin’ on the dash with her bare feet Poppin’ that gum and paintin’ her toenails blue She’d turn on the radio and crank it up That girl could never get it loud enough She’d make up words to songs she thought she knew Yeah saturday nights we’d […]

I Came Here To Live – Trace Adkins

And a souped up car on a county road Nothin’ much to do back then So we’d make bets On how much drink a guy could hold And I held my own Learn to hold my own Daddy works some dead-end job at the concrete plant Mama taught the Sunday bible class For eighteen years […]

One Of Those Nights – Trace Adkins

One of those days When you wake up feelin’ good So good that you could tae the whole world on One of those days When you just know No matter what Nothin’ in the world could go wrong Well thats the way i feel this mornin’ But, baby i just gotta say I always have […]

All Hat, No Cattle – Trace Adkins

See that boy standing there by the dance floor He’s lookin’ like the Marlboro Man Starched shirt, starched jeans, big trophy buckle And an empty Copenhagen can He’s talkin’ cowboy this and cowboy that Well I’ll bet one thing’s for sure The only stampede that he’s ever seen Is the clearance at the western store […]

Lonely Won’t Leave Me Alone – Trace Adkins

I can’t see you But I can feel Like a scar that Just won’t heal Blue-eyed gypsy You’re still with me Everywhere I go Lonely Won’t leave me alone You’re everywhere I go Lonely Won’t leave me alone Another highway One more town I tried to lose you But you tracked me down Like the […]

The Night He Can’t Remember – Trace Adkins

He lost his job that mornin’ stopped off and bought a fifth of pride A reality eraser, a little taste to help face her that night He broke his same ol’ promise when he showed up with whiskey on his breath That night he can’t remember, the one that she can’t forget Now he’s been […]

Then Came The Night – Trace Adkins

Mississippi sunset She was standing like a candle That hadn’t been burned yet The wind was blowin’ Clouds like ashes Had my hand in my pocket Reaching for my matches Ican see those Cotton sheets dancin’ On her mama’s clothesline in my head From my lips a Lucky Strike was danglin’ The day was dyin’ […]

Snowball in El Paso – Trace Adkins

She left her boots she wears in the rain She left her lady razor She left a note that I can’t explain On the refrigerator She left a book she’s been reading for days Beside her chest of drawers She left her nightgown hanging Behind the bathroom door But she left me no choice as […]

Every Time I Do – Trace Adkins

Whenever I go out Anywhere in town I look for a crowd Where you’re not hangin’ ’round Say that I won’t give Your memory any room But every time I do Just when I think I can Take another’s hand Get on with my life Won’t look back again Promise I won’t keep Comparin’ them […]

Ain’t It Just Like a Woman – Trace Adkins

When it rains it pours And man it’s really comin’ down Feels like the weight of the whole world Knocked me to the ground And that’s when she takes me in And gives me shelter from the storm Where I’m safe and warm Lost in her arms Nothin’s wrong anymore Ain’t it just like a […]

Honky Tonk Badonkadonk (Video Mix) – Trace Adkins

Alright boys, this is her favorite song You know that right So, if we play it good and loud She might get up and dance again Ooh, she put her beer down Here she comes Here she comes Left left left right left Whoo Husslers shootin’ eightball Throwin’ darts at the wall Feelin’ damn near […]

Dreamin’ Out Loud – Trace Adkins

I gotta be more careful in a crowd If you caught me talkin` to someone you can’t see Don’t mind me, I’m dreamin` out loud I can’t help wondering what did I do wrong To lose the only one I care about I can’t stop living in the used to be Don’t mind me, I’m […]

I’m Goin’ Back – Trace Adkins

They say it’s the City of Angels, but they ain’t no Saints If I spend one more day on this freeway I might snap ‘Cause I can’t take a breath and I can’t see the crest of those mountains That lie in my path I’ve got to get back to the farm Where the cars […]

A Little Love – Trace Adkins

She underdressed for the occasion She wants to go back home and change A maid of honor wearing waitress shoes, Just looks strange Her little brother’s getting married A spur of the moment kind of thing And she’s giving up her lunch break, Holding the ring She’s never been the jealous kind, But she can’t […]

It’s About Time – Trace Adkins

Another fourteen hour day, crisis solved deadline made I came home like always, tired and beat Threw dinner in the microwave Beside it on the counter lay A letter from my wife addressed to me It said I know you’re workin’ hard that’s easy to see Tryin’ to provide the best for the kids and […]

Can I Want Your Love – Trace Adkins

Is this wrong or is this real Should I deny the way I feel Every time I get close to you Feels like I’m doin’ somethin’ I’m not supposed to Can I want your love Would it be ok I wonder what you would say If I kissed your lips Would it shock your heart […]

Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow – Trace Adkins

Like it’s the last time you’ll have the chance too Show me how much you want me Like I’m the only thing that matters No one knows when the world’s gonna end So let’s make love like we never will again ‘Cause if the sun never rises, I wanna go down in flames I want […]

Untamed – Trace Adkins

I like to raise a litle Cain I wanna keep it on the edge Let my restless heart remain Untamed (Chorus) I’m gunna live the way i love And love the way i live Walk the higest wire And stay out on the limb Away from any fences Free of any chains Unbound, untied, untamed […]

More – Trace Adkins

If anybody had told me that anybody’d have a hold on me I’d say they were out of their mind But speakin’ of crazy, I’m findin’ lately All I want, all I need, all the time is More of your sweet love Too much just ain’t enough I never needed a fix like this before […]

High – Trace Adkins

Try not to smoke too many cigarettes I stay away from Mary Jane These are my choices Ain’t gonna judge you if you do So don’t you judge me if I don’t I got my reasons, my demons and my past But hey the truth is Yeah the truth is I get high Drivin’ down […]

Honky Tonk Badonkadonk – Trace Adkins

Alright boys, this is her favorite song You know that right So, if we play it good and loud She might get up and dance again Ooh, she put her beer down Here she comes Here she comes Left left left right left Whoo Husslers shootin’ eightball Throwin’ darts at the wall Feelin’ damn near […]

I Can Dig – Trace Adkins

You say his memory is a habit that won’t let you go I’ll help you kick it If you’re looking for a ride on a real smooth road I’m your ticket If you’re holding onto seeds you been wanting to sow If you wanna break ground, I’ll break out the hoe If you want a […]

I Wanna Feel Something – Trace Adkins

Youre just preachin to the choir Ive gotten dull as old barbed wire from livin Last night I watched the evening news It was the same ol nothin new It should have cut me right in two But it didnt I dont know why it didnt But I wanna feel somethin Somethin thats a real […]

Don’t Lie – Trace Adkins

That old photograph of us sure looks out of place Laying on your bag out in the hall. You’re takin’ it to remind you of our better days… The one’s you say you’ll miss when you’re gone. Don’t lie…don’t try to fool me… Cause girl I know what’s goin’ on. Don’t lie…you owe it to […]

Every Other Friday At Five – Trace Adkins

One out of two ain’t gonna make it Those are the odds these days And in a world of statistics He’s left tryin’ to survive ‘Til every other Friday at five He counts the days and then the hours ‘Til he can hold his babies in his arms And they’ll be watchin’ out the window […]

Ladies Love Country Boys – Trace Adkins

Her daddy wore a tie, mama never fried a chicken Ballet, straight-As, most likely to succeed They bought her a car after graduation Sent her down South for some higher education Put her on the fast track to a law degree Now shes coming home to visit Holding the hand of a wild-eyed boy With […]