Bring It On – Trace Adkins

I can feel your sadness The hearache and the madness Are hittin’ hard tonight You’re cornered up and hunkered down […]

Big Time – Trace Adkins

Get ready baby, we’re going uptown It’s friday night, we’re gonna get down I thought you might like this brand […]

Rough & Ready – Trace Adkins

Mudgrips – white-tip Cigar stickin’ out of my face Earnhardt racing sticker on the window Banged up fender 4×4 – […]

Untamed – Trace Adkins

I like to raise a litle Cain I wanna keep it on the edge Let my restless heart remain Untamed […]

More – Trace Adkins

If anybody had told me that anybody’d have a hold on me I’d say they were out of their mind […]

High – Trace Adkins

Try not to smoke too many cigarettes I stay away from Mary Jane These are my choices Ain’t gonna judge […]