She’s Got Her Ticket – Tracy Chapman

I think she gonna use it I think she going to fly away No one should try and stop her Persuade her with their power She says that her mind is made Up Why not leave why not Go away Too much hatred Corruption and greed Give your life And invariably they leave you with […]

It’s OK – Tracy Chapman

Love is only meant for some I’m the rock The shoulder you can cry on I keep the walls from falling down I keep the walls from falling down I keep the walls from falling down I’ll play it straight While you laugh and drink and party all night long I’ll designate myself To be […]

Material World – Tracy Chapman

Material world Don’t see the links of chain Binding blood Our own ancestors Are hungry ghosts Closets so full of bones They won’t close Call it upward mobility But you’ve been sold down the river Just another form of slavery And the whole man-made white world Is your master You in your fancy Material world […]

Bridges – Tracy Chapman

Come back one day to haunt you One day you’ll find you’re walking Lonely Baby I Never meant to hurt you Sometimes the best intentions Still don’t make things right But all my ghosts they find me Like my past they think they own me In dreams and dark corners they surround me Till I […]

Nothing Yet – Tracy Chapman

Seen them both Hope fly out the window Fortune walk through the door Learned not to believe This is as good as it gets Because we ain’t seen nothing yet Hands untied But the same shuffle once again Running all the time Ain’t going nowhere It’s a new page in the same book It’s a […]

Devotion – Tracy Chapman

If I can be Constant and faithful You’ll find me In my devotion In my devotion What if you find a fault Between my purpose and my deeds And deem me beyond salvation Judge me to be unworthy Of your devotion Of your devotion If this be obsession deliver me A passing infatuation deliver me […]

Tell It Like It Is – Tracy Chapman

Say it say it say it Tell it like it is What breaks your heart What keeps you awake at night What makes you want to breakdown and cry But say you’ll never turn your back Say you’ll never harden to the world Say you’ll never try to still the rhythms in your breast Say […]

Mountains O’things – Tracy Chapman

I guess I’ll never have I’ll be working for somebody else Until I’m in my grave I’ll be dreaming of a live of ease And mountains Oh mountains o’ things To have a big expensive car Drag my furs on the ground And have a maid that I can tell To bring me anything Everyone […]

Subcity – Tracy Chapman

‘Cause no one would like to admit That there is a city underground Where people live everyday Off the waste and decay Off the discards of their fellow man Here in subcity life is hard We can’t receive any government relief I’d like to please give Mr. President my honest regards For disregarding me They […]

Open Arms – Tracy Chapman

Baby here I am If tenderness is what you need I’ve got that to give If you need some affection Baby these are open arms Open arms, open arms, open arms, open arms You come hem you’ve had a hard day Every door you tried to open Was closing in your face I’m right here […]

Remember The Tinman – Tracy Chapman

And chains stretched across all the entries to the inside There’s a gate and a fence And bars to protect from only God knows what lurks outside Who stole your heart left you with a space That no one and nothing can fill Who stole your heart who took it away Knowing that without it […]

Cold Feet – Tracy Chapman

Who in spite of his young age and small size knew his mind For every copper penny and clover he would find Make a wish for better days the end of hard times For no more cold feet Cold cold cold cold feet His clothes were always clean His face was always scrubbed There was […]

Wedding Song – Tracy Chapman

In them you are always standing Right beside me I reach out for your hand To see your arms extending outstretched towards me For you I don the veil By your light Others pale by comparison I place my faith in love My fate in this communication I’ve been having dreams and visions In them […]