Don’t Want To Live Without Your Love – Trademark

Two lovers crossed with so much unspoken I can’t pretend I’m not afraid Of what we have broken Baby, after all this time Do we still say goodnight Or does it mean goodbye Don’t want to live without your love My heart would never survive It hurts too much to give you up NO, I […]

Moving On (Up Down) – Trademark

Cause I want you to be mine Shake your body Let me take you for a ride Move your body And I make you feel alright Shake your body (*) Yes I promise to Be the one for you And I take you high CHORUS Up down moving on Shake your body all night long […]

I’ll Be There For You – Trademark

I know you’ll be always there baby we will stay together and this branded love we share Even though you’re not around me babe I know you’re not apart from a distance I’m calling and I’m sending you my heart Baby al I gotta do now is to pray to please hold on I’m saving […]

Never Again – Trademark

Baby you’re the one I need Since I met you baby I’m not the man I used to be I never thought to regret All the things I’ve said If I cold turn back the time I still believe you could be mine Never again I’ll be the same Without you by my side Never […]