Traitor – Count Raven

They want peace and quiet, on their way to eternal night
You can’t be your own, it will make the others moan
They plot and they scheme, they must kill every dream

All around looking for another reason
They must destroy someone, commited to a treason

Goodnight to you, a bedtime story I tell it’s true
Under the sun nothing’s new, nothing’s won
A philosophy, that holds no solutional key
Go to work and get payed, don’t ask for more they say

A wageslave that’s all you ever be
They steal your life and leave you in misery

The world seems chaos and confusion
Someone gains on this illusion
Just one life, in love’s name you had it
Still you dare refusing to live it

Strange reality, you work your life away
Killing yourself, just to pass another day
That’s not how the world was meant to be
It’s easy to see, still we don’t, it’s a pity

All around looking for another reason
All around you hear the nonsense reason

No wonder you feel sick inside
It hurts so much you have no place to hide
Come with me I got the key to your heart

Lyric Traitor – Count Raven