Still In Love With You – Travis Tritt

Tell me why do you love to make me cry Is there a reason why you treat me so unkind It seems you try to hurt me with everything you do I guess you could call me crazy ’cause I’m still in love with you Tell me why is your heart as cold as ice […]

Drift Off To Dream – Travis Tritt

Alone with my drink at the bar You’ve been here forever, so clear in my mind I just don’t know where you are I know I’ll find you but girl ’til I do This is my love song for you Chorus: Let’s hold hands on the porch swing, under the moon While the wind through […]

Here’s A Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares) – Travis Tritt

You say you were wrong to ever leave me alone You’re sorry, you’re lonesome, and scared And you say you’d be happy if you could just come back home Well, here’s a quarter, call someone who cares Call someone who’ll listen, and might give a damn Maybe one of your sordid affairs But, don’t you […]

Looking Out For Number One – Travis Tritt

No matter what I do I can’t make you happy Though I go to great lenghts to do your will If you say hurry, girl I make it snappy Trying hard to keep your wishes filled But I’m getting tired and feeling real discouraged From being pressure underneath your thumb So here’s a message you […]

Ten Feet Tall And Bulletproof – Travis Tritt

I’m a full grown man That’s plain to see But nowhere near as full grown As I’d like to be But I’ll find a bar And I’ll have a few Until I’m ten feet tall and bulletproof Now, I’d hit the dance floor Each time I’d have the chance That is if these two left […]

Sack Full Of Stones – Travis Tritt

I used to be the kind of guy I could laugh as well as cry With a heart feather-soft and summer-warm Since you’ve left me I’ve been faced With emptiness that’s been replaced With a heart that’s hard and heavy as a sack full of stones I never thought I’d ever see The man my […]

The Whiskey Ain’t Workin’ – Travis Tritt

There was a time, I could drink my cares away And drown out all of the heartaches That hurt me night and day When the thought of you came crashing thruough I’d have one more But now the whiskey ain’t workin’ anymore I need one good honky-tonk angel To turn my life around That’s reason […]

Modern Day Bonnie And Clyde – Travis Tritt

Chorus: Well its a long way to Richmond rollin up on 95. With a red head ridin shot-gun and a pistol by my side. Tearin down that highway like a modern day Bonnie and Clyde. We met at a truck stop, Johnson City Tennessee. I was gasin up my Firebird when I heard her calling […]

Bible Belt – Travis Tritt

Well, he was the assistant preacher and the Sunday school teacher In the church that I grew up in She was looker from Atlanta, led the choir, played piano Had a body that was made for sin She didn’t care that he was married, cause the torch that she carried Was hotter than the fires […]

Don’t Give Your Heart To A Rambler – Travis Tritt

Don’t fall in love with me darlin’, I’m a rambler Though you are the sweetest sweetheart in this world It’s all for your sake dear that I’m leavin’ So, don’t give your heart to a rambler, little girl Well I handed you a lie and now I’m sorry You’re just a little sweeter than the […]

Homesick – Travis Tritt

Guitars ring in the dead of night, sing so blue, sound so right It makes you homesick Listen close to the guitar man, narive sone of a foreign land The boy’s homesick He’s homesick, for days bygone Homesick, for home sweet home Where were you in ’69, smokin’ dope, drinkin’ wine Just an outlaw Distant […]

Helping Me Get Over You – Travis Tritt

You ask who’s lying in my bed Is it really love we’re making My heart’s hanging by a thread She’s the only reason it ain’t breaking Do you ever cross my mind Darling fact is you still do That’s the reason she is here Wiping your old memory clear She’s helping me get over you […]

For You – Travis Tritt

You don’t ask for much And I tremble at the touch of your sweet hand When I look into your eyes I realize I’m such a lucky man You’ve shown me love I never knew And there is nothing I won’t do for you I’d almost given up On the hope of having someone of […]

Where Corn Don’t Grow – Travis Tritt

As we sat on the front porch Of that old grey house where I was born and raised Starin’ at the dusty fields Where my daddy worked hard every day I think it kinda hurt him when I said Daddy There’s a lot that I don’t know But don’t you ever dream about a life […]

Livin’ On Borrowed Time – Travis Tritt

Well I’m swimmin in debt and the money’s all gone I ain’t got nothin’ I can call my own Work my fingers to the blood and bone For a big disappointment when my paycheck comes If I only had a little I could do just fine I could put a down payment on some peace […]

Back Up Against The Wall – Travis Tritt

I was dealin’ up and down the highway Till they caught me with a heavy load They sentenced me to hard labor Workin’ on the side of the road Now I don’t deny I was guilty And I know I broke the law I was hungry and broke and couldn’t see no hope And my […]

Put Some Drive In Your Country – Travis Tritt

Like Roy Acuff and George Jones Lord I loved to hear ’em Sing all them old time country songs But I really got excited ’bout the time I turned 15 That’s the first time I heard Waylon and old Bocephus sing They put some drive in their country that really turned me on Yeah, put […]