Performer TRAVIS

The Cage – Travis

We drank the wine Your lip was bleedin’ but it was fine Come on inside, babe, across the line I […]

The Fear – Travis

I would like to see you in the morning Rolling over just to have you there Would make it easy […]

Luv – Travis

Why the face so long Is it over? And where you going that you no longer belong here? And distance […]

Tied To The 90’s – Travis

In the middle It’s terribly frightening I’m takin’ it fast Takin’ it slow There’s thunder & lightning It’s terribly frightening […]

Good Feeling – Travis

Like I know how I’m feeling Scraping me off the ceiling Back to that good feeling Now I find it […]

More Than Us – Travis

And we are them But tehy don’t know What’s in their hands It’s more than you And it’s more than […]

Follow The Light – Travis

Where they’re supposed to go Hiding behind a wall Afraid that they’ll lose it all But it’s alright Just follow […]

U16 Girls – Travis

The million dollar kind She was all for all or nothing She was open all the time But when I […]

Turn – Travis

I want to feel like I felt before I want to see the kingdom come I want to feel forever […]

Last Train – Travis

Now there’s flowers in your window She, well she’s so strange I don’t know anything about her But if it’s […]

Driftwood – Travis

Nothing is set in stone Rivers turn to Ocean Oceans tide you home Home is where your heart is But […]

Good Day To Die – Travis

Where is your father Two little children Locked in the cupboard Into the wide world High on the highwire What […]

Sing – Travis

Lately nothing seems to be going right Solo, why do you have to get so low You’re so… You’ve been […]

Slide Show – Travis

For dancing and for singing The birds in the tree and all the bells are ringing The sun in the […]

Afterglow – Travis

All of the time feeling alright Taking awhile raising a smile Raising a smile makes it all worthwhile But if […]

Pipe Dreams – Travis

And I still don’t understand a thing What had you heard? What had you heard Was it love, was it […]

Funny Thing – Travis

Is everyone like you ‘Cause people seldom change They all just stay the same A funny thing to say Suppose […]

Safe – Travis

And tell the people that you’ve gone away Now lift your head up to the sky Now you can tell […]

Side – Travis

They’re watching every single thing you say And when you die They’ll set you down and take you through You’ll […]

Happy – Travis

When you’re lying next to me I’m rolling, I’m rolling I’m rolling so quickly Now I’m not a doctor And […]