Dress – Treble Charger

cant keep things in my head spinning around in front of me a figure of speech coming back to haunt […]

Funny – Treble Charger

Don’t waste your time I can tell what’s on your mind No need to mention What we both know It’s […]

Hint – Treble Charger

you can wait for me everything youve ever spoken complimentary continue with deceptive lies and wraped around your thin disguise […]

Fade – Treble Charger

It’s easier than what you heard and what you see I’ve been counting And what I keep Isn’t what you […]

Morale – Treble Charger

Thought it might be understood Not alone, the rest is more or less the rest Would you be so kind […]

Red – Treble Charger

Face painted cigarette white You asked the cleanest boy you found You couldn’t see me turned around His fingers stretched […]

Kareen – Treble Charger

I cannot hold it You say it’s what you are Your staring scares me Antagonize your fears, your longing You’re […]