Change My Life – Trick Daddy

Gotta change my life Lord knows I aint livin right Yall know i aint chillin right Smokin out everyday and night Gotta ease my mind Gotta find time to rewind Cause I’m fallin way behind Me and my dogs we known to ride Gotta watch my back Represent for the soldier Die couple years older […]

Shut Up – Trick Daddy

Chorus: (Trick Daddy) Ah-ha Okay What’s up? Shut up (4 times) Verse 1: (Trick Daddy) Ridin’ ’round in my brand new ’99, 4 do’ Volvo I got a pocket full of Bs Cocoa weed and ain’t got no place to go though But all my Boca Boys they know though That’s fo’ sho’ though (Are […]

For The Thugs – Trick Daddy

Yes sir, ha ha I’m doin’ this one for the thugs Yes sir My boy dooda, wa’s up fool (Down South) Tut, ha ha haa We’ve been seen (Aye yo C!), they on a roll hurry up nigga, come on, they got guns (I’m doin’ this one for the thugs) They got big guns! They […]

Nann Nigga – Trick Daddy

[Trina] Hell no I don’t wanna holla at no motherfuckin Trick He all over there smelling like boonk and Hennesey and shit Hell no [Taterhead] I’m saying though What you got a playa back there just trying to say what’s up [Trina talking] Hell no I don’t wanna holla at him That’s alright [Trick Daddy […]

I’ll Be Your Player – Trick Daddy

Somebody black, baldheaded, plus buckwild They call me Trick Daddy dollars A real woman scholar If a player’s what you want, lil mama holla Don’t bother asking your friends about my benz or ends Unless you plan on me staying in I get my freak on, plus my back’s strong, No more sad songs for […]

Suckin Fuckin You – Trick Daddy

Suckin fuck in you Suck and fucked my whole crew So whatsa a nigga ‘posed to do See all my dogs is gettin cheese Rollin D’s They got them thangs for seventeen Straight from overseas They show me shit I neva seen Fullfill all my dreams I put it down They gimme cream Na I’m […]

Bricks And Marijuana – Trick Daddy

For my niggas, in the feds My niggas in the pen My niggas ain’t gone neva see the streets no mo This one for you nigga Free Buddy Roe Hook: 2x Look I been scuffling years your honor That’s why I’m traffickin’ these bricks and marijuana Shit Verse 1:Kase I been put in the world […]

Thug Life Again – Trick Daddy

It’s hard for a nigga just to breathe in the streets Let alone trying to make cheese in the streets Nigga’s bleeding in the streets So I don’t go, unless I’m chillin’ on the low with my middle finger up And I’m ridin’ for Buddy Roe Cause he jammed in it My dog got slammed […]

Gotta Let You Have It – Trick Daddy

Now I gotta let you have it Rappin’ fire from my automatic Now I gotta let you have it Rappin’ fire from my automatic [Trick Daddy] I just might have to toss this nine Across your mind Across that line I’m running straight up in your mammy’s house by mine Puttin’ this fire up in […]

Run Nigga – Trick Daddy

Westcoast, we’re not suppose to know better I suppose we just suppose to let this shit happen, huh? You mother fuckers done lost y’all mind Y’all done bumped y’all mother fuckin head Now there’s got to be somethin done bout all this shit that’s occurrin I don’t like it I don’t like it one mother […]

Boy – Trick Daddy

I tellin ya boy I got them boys Dog I be tryin to tell em Verse 1: Trick Daddy, The Lost Tribe You can’t catch me boy Don’t upset me boy Touch me my dog a wet ‘cha boy Never disrespect me boy Dog you better check ya’ boy Cause I’ll never thirty-eight ‘cha I’ll […]

Noodle – Trick Daddy

What I gotta ball? Just to get all up in them draws And get the Benz with the 20′ inch Lorenz’s And put TV’s in it and all Shit, cause these my dawgs and dem Keep letting me know You ain’t ready for that Don’t hang in the hood no mo’ Guess you too heavy […]

Intro – Trick Daddy

be up in sumbody mutha fukin school sum where nigga, what the fuck you doin out hea? Git-nigga, im bout my money, stackin cheese tryin ta sit on d’s. Trick daddy-look at ya muthafukin eyes, u look like u high nigga. Git-fool u no i aint tryin ta start smokin Trick daddy-u prolly on dirt, […]