Could It Be – Trick Daddy

Could it be? (heh heh) Could it be that I’m lost, Gettin’ soft and just fallin’ in love(fallin’ in love […]

America – Trick Daddy

‘Posed to be Land of the free I don’t see how Count me in Uh Amerika Oh Amerika Ha-Ha-Ha Amerika, […]

Pimp – Trick Daddy

[Buddy Roe] Freaky deaky, Trick Daddy and Yours truly Buddy Rizoe [J. T. Money] Yeah, and that nigga, J. T. […]

Amerika – Trick Daddy

DMX] Uhh.. [Sisqo] DMX, Sisqo [DMX] Yo.. what these bitches want from a nigga? [Sisqo] Dru Hill, yaknahmsayin? [DMX] What […]

Hold On – Trick Daddy

(See what I’m sayin) Gotsta hold on I been trapped for so long Gotsta hold on I been trapped for […]

Shut Up – Trick Daddy

Chorus: (Trick Daddy) Ah-ha Okay What’s up? Shut up (4 times) Verse 1: (Trick Daddy) Ridin’ ’round in my brand […]

Nann Nigga – Trick Daddy

[Trina] Hell no I don’t wanna holla at no motherfuckin Trick He all over there smelling like boonk and Hennesey […]

Run Nigga – Trick Daddy

Westcoast, we’re not suppose to know better I suppose we just suppose to let this shit happen, huh? You mother […]

Boy – Trick Daddy

I tellin ya boy I got them boys Dog I be tryin to tell em Verse 1: Trick Daddy, The […]

Noodle – Trick Daddy

What I gotta ball? Just to get all up in them draws And get the Benz with the 20′ inch […]

Intro – Trick Daddy

be up in sumbody mutha fukin school sum where nigga, what the fuck you doin out hea? Git-nigga, im bout […]