Not Like You – Trik Turner

You cut deep inside of me, I stitch my own infection Grey is the sunshine that burns my skin Grey is your rush I think your empty within Fingernails cracked dried blood flows slow In this world its time to walk away Hey old friend its been a long time I’ve been better, but thank […]

Sacrifice – Trik Turner

I know that Iґm in all of your conversations you never have anything good to say about me Thatґs ok cause everyoneґs entitled to their own opinions Cause everyoneґs a critic and even on your best days Someoneґs got something bad to say Yet I ignore the things I hear Ignore the things I fear […]

Ish – Trik Turner

Easy to lose sight in what you strive for so Much that’s why I never trust anyone who tries To know me, that means to get the best of me That’s either my best friend or my enemy Philosophy is my strategy either way it be Society plays a role for me that’s called Lunacy […]

Let It Rip – Trik Turner

In an imperfect world where everything seems the same It’s just a vicious circle that keeps going ’round Gotta find a way to get out of here I’m too addicted to this drome I call home I’m always leaving only to come back again For more No matter what the outcome is It’s just the […]

New York Groove – Trik Turner

I gotta find what I’m looking for in the dead of night 3rd and 4e buildings to the sky I’ve got one last chance to get high to get high New York City might be the place to be If your game is tight and if your green takes flight Take another chance on the […]

Father – Trik Turner

How you use to jab your fingers into my chest And tell me how stupid you thought I was And how I’d grow up to be worthless- I was only 9 and I can recall every single time- You raised your hand to me No matter how hard I try to forget I can’t erase […]