Temptation – Trik Turner

Knowing what you’ve done with my trust you’ve misplaced- With your selfish needs you appease- It brings you down to […]

Existence – Trik Turner

Some thrive- Some live- Some die- Some love- Some hate- Some find nothing in common- Some relate- Some sin- Some […]

Sacrifice – Trik Turner

I know that Iґm in all of your conversations you never have anything good to say about me Thatґs ok […]

Ish – Trik Turner

Easy to lose sight in what you strive for so Much that’s why I never trust anyone who tries To […]

Let It Rip – Trik Turner

In an imperfect world where everything seems the same It’s just a vicious circle that keeps going ’round Gotta find […]

Father – Trik Turner

How you use to jab your fingers into my chest And tell me how stupid you thought I was And […]