Trying Not To Breathe – Antichrisis

Why did you lie? I lost my faith in you!
Once there was purity but now only perfidy and pain
because you’ve been untrue!
You broke all promises and now our love
Is bound to die and so am I – I die!
Lost forever within the debris of my dreams
I put my trust in you!
How could you leave me in a lurch
after all that I’ve gone through
What the hell did you do?
Down on my knees I pray:
Save me, save me, save me, please!
but no hope anymore – I die!
I’m trying not to breathe!
I can’t stand this anymore therefore I’ll leave
I’m trying not to breathe!
And so I’ll leave this world behind
broken by faithlessness of the killing kind
I’m trying not to breathe!
Remember when you called my name?
I’ve been always there for you!
To me it’s more than just a game
I loved you too much, and still I do!
Now your body so close to mine
I kiss your lips goodbye
To lie In your arms for a last time before I die!
And he dreams of days gone by floating down to the other side
A thousand Angels cry firing squad against the walls of light
Not again another day
Now his love has lost the last stand
Oh Angels, hear him pray
As he’s passing away into her hands!
I’m trying not to breathe!

Lyric Trying Not To Breathe – Antichrisis