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Soldierette – Turk

C’mon, c’mon look, look… [Verse 1 – Turk] Verse one is about this chick named Karen She wanted to be down, I told her first she gotta run Aaron Take this work downtown to this nigga named Gary Bring me back what I need, and I’ma make it happen I’ma give you the world, keep […]

Project – Turk

[Turk] They got this nigga named Rob, and Rob is my dog His people doin’ bad, sometimes I break him off I got love for the nigga – ’round my way, they doin’ bad Every time we come outside, we say, “;Look at they dirty ass.”; He ain’t worried ’bout it, he just keep his […]

It’s In Me – Turk

Ah c’mon, c’mon, c’mon C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon C’mon, c’mon, look, look [Verse One] When I start to spray, clear the way, or get knocked Cause once my thang cock, I then aim and pop I’m a donkey wodie, a untamed gorilla Wilder than real-a, T. C. representer Known for spinnin Benz, gettin about fifty […]

Growing Up – Turk

[Mickey] I ain’t nothin but a hustler, I raised like that Pumpin gas or pumpin crack, we was paid like that Ol’ G’s taught us game, we was made like that Cross tha family, ya get sprayed wit a mac Laid flat My uncle was sellin crack, my father was smokin Me and brother didn’t […]

Wanna Be Down – Turk

[Hakim] Since I got a Roley wit tha beezle, niggas wanna be down See my tha BBL, niggas wanna be down Since I gotta lil ice, niggas wanna be down Since I’m livin that life, niggas wanna be down Since they see me on TV, niggas wanna be down Since my brotha tha B. G., […]

Untamed Guerrilla – Turk

Better ask somebody…nigga(nigga)…Untamed Guerilla(u-huh).. …chu’ont know(chu’ont know)…better ask somebody nigga(ask ’em).. …Lil’ Turk, Young-n-Thuggin'(be ‘dat) +Off Top+(+Off Top+),look(look),look(look)… …Head-bustin’ is in my nature, fuck wit’ me, I erase ya Run wit’ only the real, cuz fake niggaz puts to stay shut All I know is the street projects, bricks, and hallways How to get rid […]

At The Same Time – Turk

I hit the block and all you see is some shiney shit You can’t look my way too long cuz it’ll blind you quick Everythang I drive, betta believe it’s chromed-out I bet ya say “;Damn”; when I stick my arm out Where you get the watch from, that bitch is bad dawg I love […]

One Saturday Night – Turk

[Mannie Fresh talking] Hot in the ass you heards me This a story about the saturday night This the story of how my shit go You tell yo’ shit, I’mma tell my shit (Check it out), see scratch (ery) [Mannie Fresh] One saturday night I was looking for some ass I call shawt and ask […]