Performer TWEET

Beautiful – Tweet

My eyes has never seen someone so beautiful So much charm so much class Your the first thought of each […]

Motel – Tweet

And in my mind How could this be You showed your emotions Just the previous night Now how can i […]

My Place – Tweet

Swear I’m spinnin, I’m on a merry-go-round And I picked up a joy to my face My heart beats faster […]

Drunk – Tweet

Wanna buy me some gin A drop of gas in my tank let me think it over again, mmm Cause […]

Oops (Oh My) – Tweet

Tell you what I did last night I came home, say, around a quarter to three Still so high Hypnotized […]

Always Will – Tweet

That I’m way too sure Of you loving me long time But I bet you always will In so many […]

Complain – Tweet

But what if there’s no love to lose? If everyday I saw sunshine And it never rained the blues If […]

Make Ur Move – Tweet

damn you should be famous and i could barely take it could this be what fate is cause i’ve seen […]

Call Me – Tweet

(6x) Bounce Baby you the man cause you put it on me And every morning I roll over feel you […]

Best Friend – Tweet

[Tweet:] Best friend of mine, we’re closer than close Something very rare to find, we’re opposite sexes We can talk […]

Boogie 2nite – Tweet

I hope you’re ready Are you ready? Cause I am Said I’m ready to party yea Grab your coat, get […]

Smoking Cigarettes – Tweet

Gave you several years of my life And it just ain’t right What’s your perception of love Now, how many […]