Twiddly Dee – Soul Asylum

There’s a giant sleeping and his pants are undone
He shows no pity for anyone
He’s sure to be killed before the morning comes

Twiddle my fingers and I twiddle my thumb
‘Cause I ain’t gonna quit ’til my work is all done
I’m a high society skid row bum
Well on my way to Kingdom Come

I twiddle in the middle of the moon and sun
I’m wishing and dreaming I’m a special someone
Don’t leave my load on anyone
It’s way too high and it weighs a ton

Do re mi fe fi fo fum
I’m a slave to the music of a father and son
I never force it on anyone
Can’t keep it a secret so I keep it on the run

They may say what they say about the way that we stay
They may do what they do about the things that we do

Hey ________________ spill your rum
Ain’t worried about the dumb things I done
Ain’t worried about the dumb things to come
______________________ little bit of fun

Hey _______________________________________
Sometimes I wanna be friends with everyone
My friends tell me it can’t be done
And some days I feel I don’t know anyone

Now what goes up doesn’t always come down
You’ll never believe the things I’ve found
Amazing what you learn just hanging around
Can’t put a square peg in a hole that’s round

Lyric Twiddly Dee – Soul Asylum