Performer TYRESE

Taste My Lov – Tyrese

4:30 Come on and taste my love it’s you i’m thinking of baby dont you be afraid I will guide […]

Do You Need – Tyrese

4:26 1st Rap Peter gunz you know that cat with the rolex from the BX pushin the GS Lex yes […]

Promises – Tyrese

4:24 Yeah.. Whatchyall wanna do?.. At you one more time know what I mean? But this time, you aint gonna […]

Off The Heezy – Tyrese

[JD] Uh huh [T] Baby [JD] Uh huh, uh [T] Said it’s goin’ on tonight [JD] Yo, see yo, uh […]

Housekeepin’ – Tyrese

An unexpected one. Ohhhh, woke me out of my sleep one Sunday morning, I said who’s at the door, she […]

Give Love A Try – Tyrese

Verse 1: Now you know you can’t deny What you’re feeling inside You want me And before you left my […]

For Always – Tyrese

Words to describe you I cannat say I’m going out of my mind Thinking of you at times Cause you […]

Just A Baby Boy – Tyrese

I know sometimes it might get crazy I’ll always be here for you lady Baby I’m just tryin’a change the […]

Stay In Touch – Tyrese

3:26 I love you mama but I want you to call me please stay in touch While I’m alone I’m […]

Sweet Lady – Tyrese

4:52 Sweet lady would you be my sweet love for a lifetime I’ll be there when you need me just […]

Fling – Tyrese

Seemed like it all felt the same. Now you brought light, brighter than summer days, This time around I hope […]

There For Me – Tyrese

I just wanna thank you For always bein there for me In times of good and then in times of […]

I Ain’t The One – Tyrese

Baby you tell me what you’re used, But there’s certain things I don’t do. So when you thinking I’m gonna […]

Lately – Tyrese

4:27 I can’t imagine life without you by my side This is love baby that I’m feeling and I’m hoping […]