U Brighten Up My Life – One Voice

Hopin’ for the sun one rainy day
Wishin’ that the rain would go away
So many tears pouring down on me
You wrapped your arms around me
You engaged me in the dance

2nd Verse:
Hopin’ for this love to come my way
Lonely was the price I had to pay
I stood all alone and waited
For my prince to make me his lady
And you gave this love a chance

I haven’t seen the rain or cloudy skies, since I found you
I haven’t seen a tear fall from my eye, since I found you
I’m never home alone at night, since I found you
I hope you never leave my side
You brighten up my life

3rd Verse:
I’ve waited for so long
For someone like you
And finally my dreams
Are coming true
We have the chance
Let’s take it

Lyric U Brighten Up My Life – One Voice