Category: U GOD

Lay Down – U-God

I got control drop a load Time to rip shit Time to rock and roll I play the block and stroll Stop and go, cop an old up town choppin Choppin for dough, prophisise Monopolize ingrown, pull back with no remorse The horse power cross bow Soundin dope we off done the boat felt the […]

Shell Shock – U-God

To my hard rocks, locked in cell blocks, never shell shock Melt the ox in your face, displaced in the penalty box My enemies heart pumps poisonous blood, your choice, the slugs You do dirt in the rain, than your name is mud Major love to thugs in the back of the clubs Strapped for […]

Pleasure And Pain – U-God

Once again… Through the storms… I gotta stay strong Take deep breaths, hold on long, bring the harm with no regrets, on my chest, let me knowledge be born on levels, wild, devil copters mark my every step When the riots form, my woman keeps me warm >From Fort Green I sing the song mean […]

Rumble – U-God

Countdown… Are you ready? Are you mad inside? Got you strapped down to your seats Outta the doorway, bullets ripped, full clip God speed, approach follow my lead Firewinds gust, empire crush Full thrust, fall in the hole, roll wit the rush Untouchable chunk of? air, wax and soul? Soundwaves slay out the back, ?cave? […]

Knockin At Your Door – U-God

Snatch over match kiss the grand dragon I’m tramplin the mass riddin head champion Back draft crash landin Last man standing All bodies full of swords Cards of confusion Killa bee guarntee The guilotine execution Reviloution air pollution New budda diva fairy, beaver, be cleaver, fever, curry speaker Sweet creature hurry knockin Dirty rockin jockin […]

Dat’s Gangsta – U-God

Brand new magnetic Killah Hill scorches Monster talk bosses, spank ’em, step into my office Crunch time steroid big boy itches Eyes that lay for blood money riches Switches thug men gunmen dirty lung sticker Arch-crime Hitler, lurking with the lifter Shift the man vs. man heavy on the hands Chef in the kitchen cooking […]